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EARLAB Hearing aid maintenance kit Let your professional skills be heard with EarLab. Let your professional skills be heard with EarLab.

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EARLAB Hearing aid maintenance kit EarLab offer of cleaning h EarLab is a comp hearing aids care This innovative sys by Labat for all hea Useful and therefore indispensable. All the instruments required for checking and cleaning are contained in an elegantly designed device: • ultrasonic cleaning bath to break up ear wax (g. 1) • a funnel to be used as a vacuum pump to eliminate moisture (g. 2) • two syringes to suck in and blow out air; battery charge display; LED light to illuminate the working area (fig. 3) • anechoic chamber with speaker; a device with built-in stethoscope to check and compare...

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p act tool to clean e fully and quickly. s tem was developed a ring aid dispensers. EarLab, to satisfy your customers’ requirements. Provide your customers with a truly innovative service that meets their needs and shows your dedication. In just a few minutes many occasional customers may turn into loyal clients. EarLab’s Protocol: • • • • • Suction of moisture with vacuum pump Ultrasonic cleaning of ear wax Suction of ear wax Check of battery charge Hearing test with sample sounds

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Your EarLab can be equipped with highly technological options: • USB digital microscope Specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice. This advertisement is addressed to hearing aid dispensers only. • barcode scanner to identify hearing aids and to make verbal notes about past interventions Via Raffaello Sanzio, 3 - 31021 MOGLIANO VENETO (TV) - ITALY Via Roma, 14 - 30037 Scorzè (VE) Italy - Phone +39 041 457299 Tel. +39 041 2667686 - Fax +39 041 616124 - www.labat.it - info@labat.it Fax +39 041 4574940 - Web labat.it - info@labat.it

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