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ECHOLAB Otoacoustic emissions system TEOAE - DPOAE - ABR - AABR Screening and clinical modes User programmable protocols Screening and clinical modes User programmable protocols

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ECHOLAB Otoacoustic emissions system TEOAE - DPOAE - ABR - AABR All of Labat’s technology in the palm of your hand. Innovative, fast and reliable. EchoLab is the ideal handheld unit for both easy neonatal screening and clinical testing. Although very simple to use, EchoLab has a wide range of software programmes which make it perfect both for daily clinical use and for research, in line with the latest scientific and technological innovations. The EchoLab system is ideal for all types of OAE testing TEOAE, DPOAE, Suppression tests (with the optional noise insert). EchoLab can perform AABR screening...

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LAP, the statistically most advanced audiological software. Labat has developed an exclusive software that meets the requirements of modern audiology. The LAP software retrieves data directly from the hardware database to elaborate statistics more efficiently, thus satisfying the guidelines of modern hospital information technology. LAP enables audiologists to retrieve the tests of patients, and provides statistical data arranged by age, type of problem, test date, etc. The LAP software is particularly useful in neonatal screening to highlight the number of babies with hearing problems, and to...

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ABR and AABR tests may be carried out with the optional ABR pre-amplifier by generating a brief click with the same probe used for OAE. Electrical impedance may be verified prior to testing, to make sure electrodes are placed correctly, and to visualise the ABR and AABR waveforms, by showing the Pass or Refer modes. Markers can be used to show peaks in the waveforms to measure latency. Stimulus intensity is controlled Statistical data Data of "refer" patients may be processed in any test phase. Data may be exported to external files. Personalised letters are automatically printed to recall "refer"...

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Screening becomes uncomplicated, like a child’s smile. EchoLab is perfect for neonatal screening. Its large, interactive display guides the operator through the various steps. Automatic probe and calibration control, combined with ambient noise monitoring, provide reliable results. EchoLab is easy and practical, with great storage memory (up to 250 tests), so it can be used extensively before having to download the data to a PC. Lightweight? Perfect. The exceptionally light probe simplifies neonatal testing. The probe tip may be disconnected from the main body for cleaning. Rubber-tipped probes...

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Labat’s EchoLab: otoacoustic emissions system for screening and clinical testing with AABR option. Handheld unit with alphanumeric keyboard. Advertisement addressed to ENT professionals. TEOAE – Linear and non-linear stimuli • Frequency Range 1000-5000 Hz • Frequency Resolution 50 Hz • Frequency Accuracy ±0,01% • Stimulus Level 0-90 dB SPL • Accuracy Level ±2 dB SPL • Dynamic Range 90 dB SPL OAE • TEOAE - transients • DPOAE – Distortion Products Specifications and features can be changed without notice. ECHOLAB OAE Technical Data • Microphone: 15 dB SPL a 1000 Hz 20 dB SPL a 2000 Hz • Accuracy:...

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