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Epic Plus
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Catalogue excerpts

EPIC-PLUS System for auditory evoked potentials and oto-neurophysiology AEP - VEMPs ASSR - E-ABR FACIAL NERVE AEP - VEMPs ASSR - E-ABR FACIAL NERVE

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EPIC-PLUS System for auditory evoked potentials and oto-neurophysiology Epic-plus, a unique solution to “hear” the outer and inner ear. The Labat technology has developed Epic-plus, a system for evoked potentials that satisfies all audiological requirements. This clinical device is designed to provide audiologists and ENT professionals with a complete series of audiological tests. A top-level electro-diagnostic system that carries out all types of auditory evoked potentials is available by simply connecting Epic-plus to the USB port of your PC.

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Epic-plus in Audiology Pre-programmed Pre-programmed or personalised tests Automatic calculation Automatic calculation of interaural of interaural latency difference latency difference Interaural latency difference islatency difference is automatically Interaural automatically calculated and displayed withand displayed with the trace calculated the trace comparison function. comparison function. or personalised tests The pre-programmed tests The and readily are easily selectedpre-programmed tests are easily selected and readily available. available. Stimulation and acquisition Stimulation and...

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LAP, the the statistically most advanced LAP, statistically most advanced audiological software. audiological software. Labat has developed an exclusive software Labat has developed an exclusive software that meets the requirements of modern audiology. that meets the requirements of modern audiology. The LAPThe LAP software retrievesdirectly from from hardware database software retrieves data data directly the the hardware database to elaborate statistics efficiently, thus thus satisfying the guidelines to elaborate statistics more more efficiently, satisfying the guidelines of modern hospital...

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ElectroCochleoGraphy An optional kit with Tympanic Membrane wick electrode is available for non-invasive ECoG. Stimuli are sent through ER-3A insert phones. The LAP software calculates the SP/AP ratio. Constant current stimulator An option to carry out Facial Nerve and Blink Reex tests. Epic-plus has built-in software to calculate automatically the main response parameters. Report print-outs With the Epic-plus software you can configure your own printing options. For example, you may print a single ABR waveform, several waveforms together or Threshold and ASSR tests. ABR THRESHOLD

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Epic ASSR: innovative and easy to use An intuitive user interface The Epic-Plus/ EP option for steady-state potentials evoked by pure tone AM/FM modulated stimuli, continuous stimuli, MSSR monaural or binaural, includes: • Additional software for Steady-State tests and analyses that are automatically calculated and displayed during testing • Electronic circuit board to be inserted in the Epic main unit with two-channel polynomial signal generator for continuous wave AM/FM modulated tones with carrier frequencies between 250 and 10,000 Hz • Programmable modulating frequency and AM/FM modulation...

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Epic-plus can be used for research and routine testing in clinics, hospitals and surgeries. Small and lightweight, it may easily be carried in your bag. Epic-plus, simple and easy.

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Epic is a PC-based Class 2 type BF evoked response system performing Auditory and Oto-neurological tests. Advertisement addressed to ENT professionals. ACQUISITION • Number of channels: 2 • Acquisition mode: 16 bit ADC, optically isolated • CMR: › 100 dB • Low pass lters: from 5 Hz to 5.000 Hz programmable • High pass lters: OFF to 500 Hz • Smoothing: OFF to 8KHz, preset for selected test • Amplier gain: programmable 1 to 50 • Analysis time: from 1 to 999 ms • Stimulation rate: from 1 to 100 Hz • Trigger in: TTL standard • Trigger out: TTL standard ELECTRODE IMPEDANCE Built-in meter for each channel,...

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