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Labconco: Environmental Responsibility • Community • Service - 20 Pages

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Labconco: Environmental Responsibility • Community • Service
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Catalog excerpts

Quality • Safety • Innovation • Ergonomics Environmental Responsibility • Community •

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Shortly after the turn of the century, a number of companies — primarily agricultural — began to establish chemical testing laboratories to meet emerging governmental regulations. As these labs developed new testing methods and measurement criteria, a need for new types of equipment also evolved. In 1925, two young entrepreneurs — Ralph Callaway and Phil Goldfisch — joined forces to address this need. Their first product, the Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination Apparatus, was manufactured in a small garage in downtown Kansas City. Over the years, their company — initially called Laboratory Construction...

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Unifying Statement Our “Unifying Statement” was developed to communicate Labconco’s business philosophy: Labconco’s commitment is to supply superior products to the laboratory marketplace.With this commitment, we will endeavor to: ▼ Provide superior quality products, service and support for our distribution channels and customers. ▼ Explore and develop new and profitable market segments and customer channels while continuing to improve upon existing product offerings. ▼ Listen to and trust each associate, and respect his/her creative potential. Outstanding Customer Service Labconco’s customer...

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Our Customers Through a worldwide network of distributors, we serve laboratories in a variety of facilities around the globe including: ▼ Universities ▼ Research centers ▼ Hospitals and pharmacies ▼ Forensic investigation facilities ▼ Vivariums ▼ Government agencies Our customers are as varied as our products. In addition to the distributors and end users of our products, we share our knowledge with many associated with the scientific community including: ▼ Architects ▼ Engineers ▼ Facility managers ▼ Certifiers Whether our customers are selecting a single apparatus, renovating an existing laboratory or...

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ABOVE: Protector XVS Ventilation Stations function as individual work areas at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory in Springfield, Missouri. BELOW: Two Purifier Logic Biosafety Cabinets occupy this tissue laboratory at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, Kansas.

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Protecting your laboratory environment is the foundation of our product development efforts. Every Labconco product is designed with safety in mind. For example, our laboratory fume hoods protect the user from breathing harmful chemical vapors. Our biological safety cabinets protect the user, the product and the environment from exposure to biohazardous particulates. Our water purification systems protect sensitive samples from exposure to contaminated water. Safety Tested Labconco maintains the highest standards and professional certifications attainable in the industry. The seals shown below...

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Being Green Labconco is committed to improving the social, economic and environmental well-being of our community. We further this commitment by: ▼ Instilling environmental responsibility as a corporate value ▼ Fostering a participatory process in developing our environmental policy and stewardship activities ▼ Designing products that use less energy, while maintaining the highest standards in product performance ▼ Striving to buy, sell and use environmentally-friendly products ▼ Continuously looking for ways to reduce and recycle our process and office waste ▼ Providing resources and volunteering our...

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Our Products Focus on Ergonomics Labconco incorporates ergonomics and human factors into every product. Our products are designed for comfort, ease-of-use and accessibility. For example, our biological safety cabinets have a large, line-of-sight display for at-a-glance readings and curved inlet grille to support forearms. Angled sashes found on our XPert® Balance Systems and many other of our enclosures provide a closer, more comfortable viewing position without glare. The FlaskScrubber Laboratory Glassware Washer may be placed on a base stand, which raises the washer to user height for easy loading...

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Protector® Laboratory Hoods ▼ XStream® for High Performance ▼ Premier® and XL for General Chemistry ▼ ClassMate® for Education ▼ Perchloric Acid ▼ Radioisotope ▼ Floor-mounted ▼ Pass-Through Basic Laboratory Hoods Protector® Demonstration Hoods Protector® XVS Ventilation Hoods Paramount® Ductless Enclosures Protector® Work Stations Fume Adsorbers FilterMate™ Portable Exhausters Canopy Hoods

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Chemical Fume Hoods and Ductless Carbon-Filtered Enclosures TOP Left to Right: Paramount Ductless Enclosures use carbon filters to adsorb or treat chemical fumes and vapors. Unlike traditional fume hoods, no outside ducting is required. Protector XVS Ventilation Stations are an economical light duty alternative to traditional fume hoods. Protector Premier Laboratory Hoods feature a molded, one piece fiberglass liner that is extremely chemical and corrosion resistant, highly durable and provides excellent light reflectivity. BOTTOM Left: Labconco offers three lines of high performance laboratory...

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Purifier® Logic® Class II Biosafety Cabinets ▼ Type A2 ▼ Type B2 Purifier® Class I Safety Enclosures Purifier® HEPA Filtered Enclosures Purifier® Vertical Clean Benches Purifier® Horizontal Clean Benches Purifier® Filtered PCR Enclosures PuriCare® Laboratory Animal Stations Purifier Horizontal Clean Benches produce particulate-free air in the work area to protect samples such as plant tissue from airborne contaminants. ▼ Open Access Stations ▼ Vertical Flow Stations ▼ Dual Access Laminar Flow Cabinets ▼ Procedure Stations ▼ Bedding Disposal Stations bottom Left: Purifier Logic Biosafety Cabinets...

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Biosafety Cabinets, Clean Benches and Other HEPA-Filtered Enclosures PuriCare Open Access Stations provide personnel and environmental protection from allergens during small rodent cage changing operations. HEPA-filtered air protects the laboratory animals from cross-contamination. Purifier Filtered PCR Enclosures offer a controlled environment in which to prepare samples for polymerase chain reactions.

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