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Technical specification APACT 4004 Measuring principle ❖ Photometric, high resolution photometer (740nm) up to 3 OD Measuring unit ❖ 4 independently operating measuring cells ❖ 4 reagent positions, one stirred ❖ 2x15 cuvette incubation positions Test volume ❖ Micro cuvette for single use ❖ Total min. required 150^1 max. allowable 300pl ❖ Touch sensitive display ❖ External printer via LAN (optional) Order Information (5x100 cuvettes incl. mixer) Aggregation reagents on request. LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH ❖ ADP, Adrenalin, Collagen, Ristocetin, Arachidonic Acid ❖ HIT (Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia) ❖ v. Willebrand Ristocetin Cofactor assay (option) Software features ❖ All reagents individually editable ❖ On-board storage capability up to 15 assays ❖ Real time reaction curve recording ❖ Automated calculation of max./min. Aggregation, shape change, lag phase, desaggregation, area and more ❖ Max. measuring time up to 3.600 sec. programmable ❖ Data transmission to MMC-Card or external PC software LABiTec LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH l-Net www.labitec.com E-Mail info@labitec.de, service@labitec.de An idea becomes perfection Compact stand-alone system operting without external PC APACT LPC-Software Newly designed windows-based user software for evaluation of all inductor assays, including

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System concepts in Platelet Aggregation System - Highlights: Compact system with built in processor ❖ 4 -channel Platelet Aggregometer + LAN Printer (option) ❖ Measuring principle and assay procedure according to BORN ❖ High sensitive photometer: (results calculated in mOD (extinction) and converted into % of Aggregation) ❖ Color print of curves via LAN printer (option) ❖ Easy handling via touch sensitive display ... upppn anc| "PRP" values automatically storable ❖ Automated result calculation: max.% aggregation, %/min., area, shape change etc. Default ChipCard ❖ One-way Dispo System (plastic...

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