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Technical Specification CoaLAB 1000 LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH Measuring Principle  Photometric 2-channel LED photometer, incl. 2 reference channels Measuring Unit  Measuring rotor controlled at 37°C Test Volume  32 cuvette ring for single use  Total min. required 150µl max. 300µl Sample/Reagent Platform  2x11 sample positions (manually adjustable) Fully automated coagulation analyzer  15x reagent positions (3x15ml stirred, 12x5ml)  3x STAT positions  2x seperate positions for washing and cleaning solution  1x rinsing station Sampling  Capacitive pipetting device  Pipetting device controlled at 37°C  Dilutor, 2-250µl dispensing volume  System Reagents suitable for CoaLAB 1000  Recommended calibration values available with each reagent batch (PT/Fibrinogen)  Assigned values and ranges for Standard and Control Plama (PT/APTT/Fibrinogen)  Touch sensitive graphic color display  800x600 pixels, 17.0x12.5cm  Standard & Control Plasmas applicable for LABiTec® PT and Fibrinogen reagents External Connections  External USB printer (option)  External Barcode Scanner via RS232C (option) LABiTec®, LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH An der Strusbek 6, 22926 Ahrensburg Germany LABiTec ® LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH,

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The CoaLAB 1000 system features CoaLAB 1000 systems available The CoaLAB 1000 represents a highly reliable fully automated benchtop analyzer for the small and mid-sized laboratory. The stand-alone concept offers small footprint and guarantees continuous compliance to a changing laboratory environment at any time. The CoaLAB 1000 fully automated coagulation analyzer is available in two models representing proven and reliable technology for smaller labs that need a robust stand-alone System or larger labs that need a powerful backup and efficient workflow. Basic System-Highlights Cover (additional...

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