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Constant Temperature Selection Guide - 12 Pages

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Constant Temperature Selection Guide
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Catalogue excerpts

Constant Temperature Selection Guide simply reliable Booklet final - CT selection guide 2015.indd 1

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ProBlotTM 6/12 Hybridization Ovens • Precise temperature control and stability for reproducible results Variable speed, rotisseries hold 35mm bottles and 50mL tubes Durable stainless steel interior Optional accessories include rocking platforms and different sized rotisseries ProBlot 6 Hybridization oven with 2 large bottles and 1 pack of mesh, 120V ProBlot 12 Hybridization oven with 2 large bottles and 1 pack of mesh, 120V Bottle Capacity Rotisserie speed Temp Range Temp Resolution Accessories for the oven can be found on the following page Temp Uniformity *To order 230V units add -230V to the...

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Labnet— Labnet International, Inc. Hybridization Oven Accessories • Bottles are constructed of high quality borosilicate glass • High temperature caps have a rugged seal for leakproof performance Ordering Information Cat#    Description B3003    Large hybridization bottle, 300 x 35mm Large hybridization bottle, 300 x 35mm, plastic coated Large hybridization bottle, 300 x 35mm, caps on both ends Medium hybridization bottle, 250 x 35mm Small hybridization bottle, 150 x 35mm Small hybridization bottle, 150 x 35mm, plastic coated Small hybridization bottle, two 75mm chambers Extra small hybridization...

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| Labnet International, Inc. 211DS Digital Shaking Incubator Integrated digital orbital shaker Exclusive SmartCheck temperature control system Broad temperature ranges to meet a wide variety of applications Stacking design saves space Ordering Information Specifications Temp Range Temp Uniformity Temp Accuracy Shaker speed Timer Shaker orbit Exterior dims Chamber dims Chamber volume Weight Description 211DS Shaking Incubator, 120V Stacking adapter, required when stacking incubators Flask clamp platform, pre drilled (see clamps below) Flat platform with non-slip rubber mat (30 x 30cm) Double flat...

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Labnet= Labnet International, Inc. Gravity or mechanical convection settings Solid outer door with inner viewing door and interior light Internal outlet for powering small equipment Precise SmartCheck digital microprocessor temperature control * Item not available in other voltages Chamber volume 2.75 cu ft/77.9 liters 6.0 cu ft/169.9 liters Labnetm | Labnet International, Inc. 222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator \ Exceptional versatility SmartCheck Software Compact design allows unit to open under shelves Flexibility of control from keypad or software 1-5222-DS*    222DS Benchtop Shaking Incubator,...

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Labnet International, Inc. AccuTherm™ Microtube Shaking Incubator if Inn • Small foot print •    8 interchangeable blocks to accomodate all of your tube sizes • Rapid cooling and heating • Fine-tune speed control from 300-1500rpm Ordering Information Cat#    Description Specifications Temp Setting Range Temp Control Range Timer Mixing Speed Mixing Amplitude Temp Control Accuracy Display Accuracy Temp Uniformity Heating Time Cooling Time AccuTherm Microtube shaking incubator, 120V AccuTherm Microtube shaking incubator, 230V Block A, 40 x 1.5mL Block B, 54 x 0.5mL Block C, 96 x 0.2mL Block D, 24...

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(Labnetm | Labnet International, Inc. Vortemp 1550TM Shaking Incubator Specifications Temp Range Temp Accuracy Speed range Motion/orbit Timer Capacity Dimensions Weight Shake and incubate samples simultaneously Supplied with interchangeable platforms for 15 and 50mL tubes Broad temperature and speed range Intelligent control with digital LED display Description Vortemp 1550 Shaking incubator for 15 and 50mL tubes, 120V Individual adapters for 0.5/0.6mL tubes, pk/6 Individual adapters for 0.4mL tubes, pk/6 Individual adapters form 0.2mL tubes, pk/6 *To order 230V units add -230V to the end of the...

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Labnet= Labnet International, Inc. AccuBlock™ Mini Compact Dry Bath Specifications Temp Range    Ambient    +5°    to    100°C Block    Anodized Aluminum Block capactiy    12 x 1.5mL tubes •    Accurate temperature control to 100°C •    Precision LCD digital display •    12 x 1.5mL aluminum block included • Compact and convenient • AccuRack transfer rack included D0100*    AccuBlock Mini Digital Dry Bath,12 x I.SmL tubes, 120V * To order 230V units add -230V to the end of the catalog number. 230V units include EU and UK cords Labnetm Labnet International, Inc. AccuBlock™ Digital Dry Bath •    Precise...

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Labnet— Labnet International, Inc. • Corrosion resistant, anodized, high grade, non-porous aluminum • Blocks for tubes from 0.2mL to 50mL, plates and slides • Precision machined for a close fit and efficient heat transfer Description Solid block for machining (no holes) 48 x 0.2mL PCR tubes or 6 x 0.2mL strips 24 x 2.0mL tubes 24 x 0.5mL tubes 24 x 1.5mL tubes 35 x 6 mm tubes 20 x 10 mm tubes 20 x 12 mm tubes 20 x 13 mm tubes 12 x 15mL centrifuge tubes 12 x 15 or 16mm tubes LabneU Dry Bath Accessories cont. • Thermometer well is available in all blocks except those used with plates and slides •...

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| Labnet International, Inc. AccuPlate™ Analog Hot Plate Sitrrers Precise control of temperature and stirring speeds Maximum hot temperature surface 380°C 5 liter stirring capacity Low profile design with 7” x 7” top plate Ordering Information Specifications D0300 Temp Range Speed Range Top Plate Material Top Plate Size Cat#    Description D0300    Analog Hot Plate, 120V D0300-SR Support Rod (included with D0300 & D0320) *To order 230V units add -230V to the end of the catalog number. 230V units include EU and UK cords. f Labnetm$ Labnet International, Inc. AccuPlate™ Digital Hot Plate Stirrers...

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Ordering Information Labnet= Labnet International, Inc. Ideal for small laboratories and classrooms Broad temperature range Stainless steel cover included with thermometer opening 6 liter capacity can accommodate test tube racks or up to three 250mL flasks W1106A*    Mini Water Bath with stainless steel gable cover and Mini Water Bath Non-toxic safety thermometer for -20°C to 110°C, with 1 resolution, 305mm long, 76mm immersion *To order 230V units add -230V to the end of the catalog number. 230V units include EU and UK cords. Specifications Temp Range Capacity Controls Heater Exterior dims Interior...

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