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CoolSafe 4-15L

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INCREASE YOUR LAB EFFICIENCY CoolSafe Freeze Dryers 4-15 Litres

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COOLSAFE 4-15 LITRES CoolSafe 4-15 L is an outstanding and versatile range of advanced bench-top freeze dryers. They are the product of more than 40 years’ experience and expertise, and are the ideal choice for research, process development and small-scale production. Proven track record in: • Quality control – typically for: -- Food materials. -- Bacteria. -- Meat and dairy products. Available in 3 different capacities: • 4 litres. • 9 litres. • 15 litres. • Improved preservation – typically for: -- Floral materials. -- Vaccines and anti-toxins. -- Tissues and cells. -- Fish, shellfish,...

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Ne cu For stomi ed a z mo re in ed solu ww forma tion? ti b og ene on visi .com t: MEET THE COOLSAFE FAMILY LaboGene’s 4-15 L freeze dryers are available in 4 variants: Basic, Pro, Touch and Superior XS/XL, designed to meet the demands of laboratories of all types. COOLSAFE BASIC COOLSAFE TOUCH COOLSAFE SUPERIOR XS/XL • Digital display of the condenser temperature. • Digital display of the condenser temperature and pressure. • New touchscreen controller with regulation of temperature, pressure and time. • New touchscreen controller with regulation of temperature, pressure and time. •...

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We stand ready to meet your freeze dryer needs with our efficient solutions CONFIGURE YOUR COOLSAFE FREEZE DRYER We offer a range of options to configure the freeze dryer to your specific needs: • Teflon coating of the condenser for longevity, easy cleaning and protection from corrosion, especially when working with aggressive acids. • Electric de-ice function for fast de-icing of the condenser. • CoolSafe is easy to place in your laboratory: -- Available as standard for direct placement on the laboratory table. -- Available with lockable castors for easy transport and to save laboratory...

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LaboGene are experts in the fields of clean air & laminar flow, vacuum & cooling. We provide both standard and perfectly customized solutions. Designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing in laboratory and industrial equipment is our speciality. Leading supplier in: Microbiological safety cabinets Freeze dryers Freezers Learn more at LaboGene ApS Industrivej 6-8 DK-3540 Lynge Tel (+45) 3940 2566 Fax (+45) 3995 2566 Email Web LABOGENE (word) and ”LaboGene” (word/device) are registered trademarks belonging to the company Labogene ApS....

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