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General LAF brochure - English version - 7 Pages

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General LAF brochure - English version

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INCREASE YOUR LAB EFFICIENCY LaboGene’s range of Microbiological Safety Cabinets

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75% INCREASE YOUR LAB EFFICIENCY… What effects our customers’ lab efficiency and productivity? This is the core issue that LaboGene’s products address, in my opinion. According to the Danish National Institute of Occupational Health, noise effects efficiency by reducing concentration levels and increasing absenteeism. Extraneous noise in laboratories is much higher than in the average working environment. To help counteract this, we at LaboGene work hard in developing low-noise, highly efficient biosafety cabinets. With over 40 years of experience in the lab equipment industry, specialising...

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37 dB THE SOUND OF SILENCE The primary function of any LAF cabinet is to protect the product, the environment and the operator or all of these combined, from any hazardous substances by generating an inflow of air through the cabinet. NOISE LEVELS CAN BE DIFFICULT TO PERCEIVE, BUT CAN CONTRIBUTE SIGNIFICANTLY TO OPERATOR SAFETY AND COMFORT. The Mars cabinet is one the quietest cabinets available today, with a noise level of only 37-60 dB depending on the working environment. The movement of a volume of air produces noise, this is unavoidable, but LaboGene’s range of Class I, Class II and...

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Ou com r distr ib plet e su utors o and p f con port, s fer For mor e sult e in atio rvice form dist ribu atio n tor v WORLDWIDE With more than forty years of experience in the design, manufacture and service of lab equipment, LaboGene strives to make a positive contribution to the scientific community all over the world. We provide equipment of innovative design, superb construction and unsurpassed reliability, while employing energy saving and environmentally friendly components. In cooperation with our local distributors, we have a worldwide dealer and distribution network that makes it...

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LaboGene’s Airflow and Energy Specialists bring you the best and most efficient solutions available. FIRST MAXIMUM OPERATOR COMFORT LAF CABINET SAFETY FEATURES The ergonomically correct sloping front and the glare-free lighting gives a comfortable, stress-free working environment, when either in a seated or standing position. • Down flow & exhaust fans are constantly monitored via sensors to maintain safe operating conditions at all times. The integrated control panel with LCD display is conveniently positioned for easy viewing and incorporates easy auto-start and close-down programming, as...

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FAMILY LaboGene produces some of the finest biological safety cabinets and laminar flow technology in the industry. Our legacy of over 40 years of expertise forms the core of the LaboGene brand. We offer today’s laboratories and research facilities ergonomic designs which incorporate the latest in energy-saving technology, environmental and N cus tom eed a For iz mo re in ed solu ww forma tion? ti b og ene on visi .com t: personal protection and the assurance of conformity to all statutory national and international standards. LaboGene cabinets give the best protection for all your...

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LaboGene are experts in the fields of Clean Air & Laminar Flow, Vacuum & Cooling. We provide both standard and perfectly customized solutions. Designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing laboratory and industrial equipment is our speciality. Leading Manufacturer & Supplier of: Microbiological Safety Cabinets Freeze dryers Freezers Learn more at LaboGene ApS Industrivej 6-8 DK-3540 Lynge Tel (+45) 3940 2566 Fax (+45) 3995 2566 Email Web LABOGENE (word) and ”LaboGene” (word/device) are registered trademarks belonging to the company...

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