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MaxiVac - English version

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INCREASE YOUR LAB EFFICIENCY MaxiVac Vacuum Concentration System

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MAXIVAC SYSTEM The MaxiVac is a compact, fast and environmentally friendly vacuum concentration system. The ideal choice for concentration of large sample volumes from 200x1.5/2.0 ml Eppendorf tubes to 15 or 50 ml tubes, as well as 4x250 ml bottles. With its unique, seamless condenser and a -110°C cold trap, MaxiVac ensures faster and reproducible drying while protecting both the pump and the laboratory environment. AVAILABLE IN TWO CONFIGURATIONS • MaxiVac Alpha. • MaxiVac Beta. Both come with a -110°C cold trap and, respectively, a vacuum pump for the MaxiVac Beta and a membrane pump for...

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YOUR SOLUTION FOR FAST MACRO SAMPLE VACUUM CONCENTRATION YOUR MULTIPURPOSE SOLUTION FOR LOWTEMPERATURE MACRO SAMPLE VACUUM CONCENTRATION AND FREEZE-DRYING MAXIVAC ALPHA: MAXIVAC BETA: The MaxiVac Alpha system offers the versatility of fast vacuum concentration of biological or nonbiological materials in a diverse range of solvents, ensuring flexible handling of macro or micro sample volumes. • MP 2.2 membrane pump with the ultimate 7 hPa vacuum and pump capacity of 37 l/min. The MaxiVac Beta system offers the versatility of low-temperature vacuum concentration or freezedrying of biological...

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Our vacuum specialists work hard to bring you the best and most efficient solution. Meeting your SPECIFIC NEEDS MAXIVAC RANGE OF OPTIONS We offer a range of options to tailor the MaxiVac to your specific needs. • A wide range of rotors that accommodate the majority of sample requirements. If we don’t have the right rotor, then we can build it – all we need is two sample tubes and an indication of the rotor capacity. • Teflon coating of the cold trap for longevity, easy cleaning and protection from corrosion, especially when working with aggressive acids. • Glass insert with quick-seal lid...

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LaboGene are experts in the fields of clean air & laminar flow, vacuum & cooling. We provide both standard and perfectly customized solutions. Designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing in laboratory and industrial equipment is our speciality. Leading supplier in: Microbiological safety cabinets Freeze dryers Freezers Learn more at LaboGene ApS Industrivej 6-8 DK-3540 Lynge Tel (+45) 3940 2566 Fax (+45) 3995 2566 Email Web LABOGENE (word) and ”LaboGene” (word/device) are registered trademarks belonging to the company Labogene ApS....

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