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System for the maintenance of temperature of blood components - 4 Pages

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System for the maintenance of temperature of blood components
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KEEP-ICE® KEEP-ICE® ALLOWS TO MAINTAIN THE TEMPERATURE OF FROZEN PLASMA BAGS, BLOOD COMPONENTTS AND WHOLE BLOOD DURING THE PROCESS OF VERIFICATION, VALIDATION AND LABELLING. Description The structure of KEEP-ICE ® is made of a white insulating material with Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIP) inside, which have an extremely high insulating capability and are able to maintain the required temperature for a long period of time. Thanks to the use of 8 specific temperature stabilizers, it can work with either -30°C, 4°C or 22°C. Before inserting them inside KEEP-ICE ®, these plates need to be previously conditioned until they solidify, which means they have reached the adequate temperature (for example, the 30°C stabilizers need to be conditioned at a temperature lower than -33°C). The structure of KEEP-ICE ® includes a minicomputer (Windows OS), a display, a wireless barcode reader and two infrared temperature sensors that record the temperature of the bags every 3 seconds. After being carefully placed on the surface made of temperature stabilizers, the bags are immediately scanned by the wireless barcode reader. The IDs of the bags are then associated with the recorded temperatures. The infrared sensors record the temperature every 3 seconds and every 3 minutes they update the chart displayed on the screen, showing the mean value of the temperatures elaborated by the software. The final report shows the operator code, the work profile, the IDs of the bags, the recorded temperatures and the result of the s

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These 2 charts show 2 work sessions carried out in the same center. It is clear that the recorded temperatures are considerably different: in the second case (work session without KEEP-ICE®), the result is non-compliant. Maximum Threshold (Absolute): -20 Maximum Threshold:    -22 Minum Threshold (Absolute):    -50 Recorded Temperatures:

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Maximum Threshold (Absolute): -20 Maximum Threshold:    -22 Minimum Threshold (Absolute): -50

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Characteristics Features ✓✓ Suitable for a desk or trolley ✓✓ Can work with -30°C, 4°C or 22°C ✓✓ Equipped with a system tracking the materials used and the temperature of the bags during the whole work session ✓✓ Identification of materials through wireless barcode readers ✓✓ Identification of operators ✓✓ Alarm for temperatures above the threshold ✓✓ Validation of materials with final label and possibility to interface with the laboratory management system ✓✓ Memorization of the data and elaboration of a final report ✓✓ Transmission of recorded data through LAN or WIFI connection Hardware ✓✓...

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