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Autoclaves - FYR Series - 3 Pages

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Autoclaves - FYR Series
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Catalogue excerpts

FYR1: Fully – automatic , whole process shown by indicator FYR2: Fully-automatic, whole process shown by flow chart FYR3: Fully-automatic, drying function based on Type 2 Email : sales@maanlab.se

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Waste Mode: Heating-Sterilizing-Steam exhausting and air cooling Waste Mode:HeatingSterilizing-Steam exhausting and air cooling Agar Mode: Heating-Melting-Warming Automatic water feeding Water level sensor Load thermometer Memory system Create 60 Create 60 procedures procedures Function Table Solid mode: Heating-Sterilizing-Exhausting and air cooling Solid with drying mode: Heating-Sterilizing-Exhausting and air cooling-water drainage-drying Liquid mode: Heating-sterilizing-Pre coolingSterilization Steam exhausting Email : sales@maanlab.se

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Specification Table Chamber material Rated power supply Rate power(W) Sterilization temperature Range of sterilization time Melting temperature Range of melting time Warming temperature Range of melting time 1—9999minutes Preset range of cooling lock OPEN 40-99℃ for solid and agar modes and 40-80℃ for liquid and temperature waste modes Preset range of steam exhausting 73—104℃ temperature Fully automatic internal discharging Exhausting mode Embedded with a steam trapping bottle Way of opening lid Flip type Preset range of timer Preset range of timer Preset temperature of chamber lid opening Rated...

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