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Veterinary Electrosurgery - 4 Pages

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Veterinary  Electrosurgery
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Catalogue excerpts

BPF-C2 Angled style, serrated 100mm, .75mm tips BPF-S1 Jeweler’s style, smooth 114mm, micro tip BPF-S2 Straight iris style, serrated 100mm, .75mm tip BPF-C1 Curved Jeweler’s style, smooth 114mm, micro tip Veterinary Electrosurgery HPAC-1 Monopolar Hand Piece Faster than laser. Smoother than a scalpel. FDP-1 Flexible Dispersive Plate

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For more than 50 years, MACAN has specialized in electrosurgery and only electrosurgery. We make the most effective, reliable, attractive and respected electrosurgery units in the industry. Our commitment and dedication to quality, safety and engineering to meet the needs and demand of our customers sets us apart from all the rest. A complete line of accessories is available to compliment your Macan electrosurgery unit. From electrodes, ground plates, ground cords and autoclaveable handpieces to forceps, Macan accessories mean quality accessories. J shaped, 1mm X 2.3mm, right hook, angled shaft...

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Adjustotip variable length, angled shaft (adjustable depth, especially effective posteriorly) 6mm wire, straight shaft, anterior specific 6mm wire, angled shaft R72 Lancet “Blade”, straight shaft 6mm wire, shaft reversed for posterior access Lancet “Blade”, angled shaft 1.5 mm ball, angled shaft (for small area forced coagulation) 3mm ball, angled shaft (for medium area forced coagulation) 13mm .025” wire, straight shaft (for small spot forced coagulation, anterior specific) Over 50 Years Strong... Macan is committed to quality and supporting the American economy. The Vet*Star is a high precision...

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Several Surgical Indications for the Vet*Star and MV-7A. Owners manual contains details and limitations where applicable. General Surgery Emergency Care Ear/Tail Cropping Epilation Spaying Neutering Mammary Tumors Nictitating Membrane Declawing Entropion Treating dermal lesions Nasal Polyps Gingival Hyperplasia Debark Biopsy Oral Papillomas Deodorizing Skunks Basal Cell Carcinoma Pendunculated Growths Soft Palate Resection Sessile Growths Vaginitis Anal Fistulae Cervicitis Ana

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