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Automatic Hematology Analyzer F 580 5-part diff
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Theory & Technology Measure Speed Sample Volume -Semi-conductor laser, Fluorescence Flow Cytometry -DNA/RNA fluorescent staining WBC/BASO: Impedance method RBC.PLTdmpedance method HGB: Cyanide-free,colorimetry AUTOMATIC HEMATOLOGY ANALYZER Measurement Parameter Measure Mode Test Method Whole blood, pre-dilution Periphery blood Sampling Method Linearity Range Automatic sampling Manual sampling Both 2 sampling methods are Sealed puncture sampling Data Storage Calibration Mode >200,000 measurement results, including histogram and scattergram Manual calibration Automatic calibration Continuous power for 24h, automatic sleep and awakening; one-button testing, using various hemostix; floating icons; intelligent fault alarm and one-button elimination; reagents' reaming amount inspection; whole sealing reagent line E-mail:

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1-4 AUTOMATIC HEMATOLOGY ANALYZER Minimum Amount: 20ul • Only 20ul of blood is required during each testing • Peripheral blood can be used for whole blood mode measurement Rapid Testing: 80t/h • Support emergency insert • CBC, CBC+DIFF measurement mode can be customized Multi-Parameter Report and Diagnostic Alarm • 28 measurement parameters, including 4 research parameters, 34 diagnostic alarms • 3 histograms and 1 scattergram (3D rotation optional) Can be connected to LIS/HIS

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Abnormal Cells Alarm Besides classifying normal cells, Five-part Differ entiation Hematology Analyzer's importance lies • Identifying and giving alarm to abnormal cells, • The early discovery of some blood diseases like leukemia. 1. Abnormal Leukocyte scatter diagram 2. Abnormal NRBC scatter diagram 3. Blast? 6. Atypical lymphocyte? 7. Lymphoblast? Fluorescence Flow Cytometry Forward Scattering Light Signal (FSC): n direct proportion to cell volume, is used to differentiate big cells from the small cells. Side Scattering Light Signal (SSC): Sensitive to the complexity of cell's inside, improves...

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Five-part Differentiation Hematology Analyzer's importance is: Effective abnormal samples alarming! Fluorescent staining is a milestone for five-part differentiation! Advanced testing methods guaranteed the accuracy of the measurement results Aging sample(48 hourslmeasurement results remain reliable F 560 adopts fluorescence flow cytometry to stain nucleic acid in the cell with fluorescence, therefore sharpened its sensitivity to identify juvenile cells and can give early alarm to many blood diseases including leukemia. White Blood Cell Basophilic granulocyte% Neutrophile granulocyte% Eosinophilic...

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