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Maccura profile and product catalog

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MACCURA BIOTECHNOLOGY PRODUCT CATALOGUE Science & Technologyserve human health MACCURA BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. ADD: 16#, Baichuan Rd.,Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Chengdu 611731 TEL: +86 28 8782 6777 FAX: +86 28 8782 5783

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Maccura Biotechnology is one of the leading companies specialized in development and manufacture of IVD products in China. maccura GETTING TO KNOW US Maccura was incorporated in 1994. In 20 years, we have built a cutting-edge R&D and manufacturing capability that can design and develop fully automated clinical laboratory assay systems on many platforms, including clinical chemistry, chemiluminescence immunoassay, POCT, hematology, coagulation, blood transfusion, molecular and pathology. We're committed to ensure reliable and accurate test results by international leading traceability. Our...

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CLINICAL CHEMISTRY Excellent reagent manufacturer - Collaborate with HITACHI, provide authorized reagents for LST series. Maccura reagents claim confidence in test results due to the strong traceability. - Companion controls and calibrators available. " *" mark as upcoming products Hepatic function Renal function    Urea    (52-MG    * NGAL    Crea.2(second generation) Crea    CysC    * al-MG    RBP Glu    GA    * HbA1c.2(second generation)    * NEFA HbAlc    FMN CLINICAL CHEMISTRY IMMUNOASSAY HEMATOLOGY COAGULATION POINT OF CARE TESTS Coagulation    D-Dimer    fdp Pancreatic function...

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IMMUNOASSAY Companion Reagents for A simple & safe solution for immunoassay IS 1200 Automatic Chemiluminescence Analyzer and the companion reagents are the combination of the advanced precision analytic instrumentation and magnetic microparticles based enhanced immunoassay technology, an innovation and turning point in the IVD industry. Infectious diseases Thyroid function Sex hormones    Prenatal screening anti-HAV IgG anti-HAV IgM anti-HCV HCVAg HIV Ag/Ab anti-TP * Aldosterone * Renin * Angio-2 * Corti * ACTH Tumor markers TORCH eugenics Glycometabolism Autoimmune diseases TDM...

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03 COAGULATION 04 Frontier technology brings out high performance and compact design Big performance from the small instrument 5-PART DIFFERENTIATION    20^1- SAMPLE VOLUME A true five-part differential for an accurate identification of all    Micro sampling technique convenient for five white blood cell types.    blood collection. NUCLEIC ACID FLUORESCENT STAINING & FLOW CYTOMETRY TECHNIQUE Strong ability to distinguish leukocytes, abnormal cells and process aging sample. STAT SAMPLING PRIORITY inaccura Specialized STAT position to ensure test result timely & accurately. Semi-Automatic...

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> Room-temperature storage > Strong ability of anti-interfererK° Item    Sample type Shelf-life Specification lOOTs strip To be a WORLD-CLASS IVD enterprise Rv-Ag    Stool    18 months    lOTs cassette FluA    Nasopharyngeal secretions 18 months    20Ts cassette

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