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Catalogue excerpts

Product Catalog: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

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A Brief Overview of MAG & More GmbH Our Philosophy, Innovation, Quality MAG & More has been involved in the field of magnetic neurostimulation for more than 15 years. We have taken part in the development of strong and reliable stimulators as well as in the design of new stimulation coils. Therefore, we have the comprehensive knowledge to answer the needs of our customers in the field of magnetic stimulation. We focus on innovative products with using the highest quality standard. We feel truly commited to guarantee the satisfaction of our costumers with the quality, functionality and technology...

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PowerMAG SERIES rTMS AND COIL General Information Application Diagrams multi channelTMS PowerMAG clinical PowerMAG research General / Variety/Technology Stimulation Coils PowerMAG Control Foot Switch Hand Switch Vacuum Cushion Vacuum Pump rTMS Trolley rTMS Trolley Coil Holder Treatment Chair Legal Notice

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PowerMAG series MODERN REPETITIVE TMS Solution PowerM AG series PowerM AG series

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GENERAL INFORMATION The PowerMAG series open up new application possibilities in therapy, diagnosis and research. Surpassing every expectation placed on a highly developed medical device, PowerMAG belongs to the top class of magnetic stimulators. The combination of high-performance stimulator, state-of-the-art coils and various advanced equipment enables a versatile usage of PowerMAG systems. The simple and intuitive design ensures a user-friendly environment when using the stimulator. The PowerMAG stimulator works in combination with specially designed stimulation coils. A broad range of stimulation...

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half wave full wave multi channelTMS external control

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) TMS is a technique that allows stimulation through the intact skull bone and to stimulate selected brain regions. The stimulation is realized by short magnetic pulses that induce a flow of current in brain areas close to the surface. Thus brain activity may be triggered or modulated without surgery or externally applied electrodes. TMS is a non-invasive method with several benefits: • No skin preparation is needed • Ability of the magnetic field to penetrate high resistance structures, such as the skull, without attenuation • Absence of current passing through...

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As an inseparable part of the PowerMAG stimulator device, the stimulation coil also plays an important role in the efficiency and accuracy of the stimulation. MAG & More offers a variety of stimulation coils, which allows the PowerMAG stimulator to be adapted to the specific field of application. There are various shapes of stimulation coils, for example circular coil and double coil. Each shape has a unique field distribution making each stimulation coil suitable for specific applications. Apart from the shape, there are also stimulation coils with cooling systems. A coil with a passive cooling...

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Stimulator Technology The safety of the user as well as the patient remains our fundamental concern. Therefore, every PowerMAG stimulator device is protected according to the Class I type BF IEC protection standard. Moreover, the very stable and robust casing provides the highest mechanical protection o the stimulator components. By using a fully-closed casing made of metal, PowerMAG stimulator device does not induce any noise Every PowerMAG stimulator device is built only with carefully selected components that are capable of delivering the highest performance. By using the best quality components, we...

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Front and Back Panel Setting the user as the focal point, PowerMAG has a clearly structured control display. All the buttons, switches and interfaces have been carefully designed to make the use of the stimulator device intuitive. Pulse Triggering The PowerMAG stimulator device can be triggered externally, offering a flexible use of the device. Moreover, the device can deliver an output trigger signal, which indicates the pulse External Control Whether customizing the stimulation protocols or combining the PowerMAG stimulator device with other devices, everything is possible with the PowerMAG...

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Front Panel Design Pulse Intensity Display Displays the selected pulse intensity percentage of the maximum pulse vo rTMS safety limiter The rotary switches limit the internal frequency of the device and the pulse intensity; When the set limit values are exceeded, the alarm LED, accompanied with an audible signal, will be automatically activated Front panel / External control For selecting the operating mode: manual operation via the front panel or external control Store & Recall Button Store and recall function to save and load the protocol value Intensity Dial For setting the pulse intensity

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Frequency / Duration Display Displays the value currently set for pulse frequency or maximum pulse sequence duration Frequency / Duration Selector Switch ecting pulse frequency or maximum pulse Pulse Triggering Switch For releasing pulse. The pulse button illuminates as soon as pulsing is possible . Pulse Trigger Socket Interface between optional pulse trigger and the Temperature Coil Indicator Colour-coded display of the temperature of the stimulation coil Stimulation Coil Socket Interface between stimulation coil and the Pneumatic foot switch socket Interface between pneumatic foot switch and...

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Back Panel Design Covering cap for sync out connector Potential equalization pin for potential equalization between various devices

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Trigger input for pulse release via external trigger signal Trigger output for signal impulse for pulse emission Analog Interface Socket Interface for controlling pulse shape and monitoring Operating Switch For switching on the stimulator device Fuse Holder For holding two fuses, easily accessible from the equipment Mains Connection For connecting the stimulator with the mains cable Type Plate Type plate for identification

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From generating various stimulation protocols to combining the stimulator with other devices, MAG & More's PowerMAG series has many features to offer. The diagrams and examples below show the known potentials of PowerMAG series. quantify I interfere I modulate interfere with ongoing task-

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