PowerMAG View! 3D neuronavigation - TMS, rTMS, TBS, nTMS - 19 Pages

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A Brief Overview of MAG & More GmbH Our Philosophy, Innovation, Quality MAG & More has been involved in the field of magnetic neurostimulation for more than 15 years. We have taken part in the development of strong and reliable stimulators as well as in the design of new stimulation coils. Therefore/ we have the comprehensive knowledge to answer the needs of our customers in the field of magnetic stimulation. We focus on innovative products with using the highest quality standard. We feel truly commited to guarantee the satisfaction of our costumers with the quality, functionality and technology...

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The increasing use of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) in medicine requires individual and precise positioning of the TMS coil at the selected brain region. The PowerMAG View! 3D neuro-navigation system visualises the electromagnetic hot-spot of the coil at an individual, anatomical data record. This enables the TMS system to stimulate the target with great precision. The PowerMAG View! combines functionality with simple handling. The result: Intuitive positioning with superb precision and reproducibility. • Intuitive operability • Navigation of the coil positioning • Integrated documentation REGISTRATION...

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The neuronavigation software PowerMAG View! makes the precise positioning of the TMS coil possible!

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System solution navTMS System solution navTMS SYSTEM SOLUTION navTMS

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System solution navTMS System solution navTMS The PowerMAG View! neuro-navigation system is part of the PowerMAG product family and is precisely tailored to use with the PowerMAG stimulators. The integrated system offers our customers the advantage of a significant reduction in installation expenditure and support from a single source/ in contrast to external navigation systems. The navigation system is completely integrated into the TMS device trolley - the flexible articulated arm enables optimum alignment of the camera. Coils were developed exclusively for the PowerMAG View!, which incorporate...

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navigation system are carried out in our powerful PC. This PC system fulfils the strict requirements of medical legislation. In conjunction with our LCD screen, this represents a secure equipment combi- nation in medical technology. FOOT SWITCH READER The foot switch reader offers the facility to connect a foot switch to a navigation system PC as an input device via the USB interface. In addition the footswitch can be linked to a stimulator so that each stimulation during the stimulation process. FDDT PEDAL A double foot pedal for PowerMAG View! simplifies your work with the navigation system....

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TRACKER, MARKER UND PC-INTER Trackers are elementary components for the co-registration of the coil and the head. Trackers with different characteristics are attached to both the coil and the head. Trackers with various different geometries are utilised with the simul- taneous use of multiple TMS coils. Thus the coils and the head are recorded and differentiated from one another in the coordinate system The markers mounted on the trackers reflect the infrared signal transmitted by the camera. This signal is received by the camera and from this the system calculates the exact position in space. This...

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Ball joint Coil clamp

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user interface so that The user interface of the PowerMAG View! user software is so intuitively designed that you can start with the navigation of the TMS quickly and simply. Intelligent algorithms such as the fully automatic head and brain segmentation or surface reconstruction facilitate the handling of the raw MR data and accelerate the process through to the start of the TMS navigation. A great advantage of PowerMAG View! software is that it is compatible with external software, as BrainVoyager. For example, the fMRI Analyse is a helpful facility to show active regions of the brain, colour-coded....

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The positioning of the target marker is simply implemented by clicking on the desired position in the 3D brain model. You can also enter the sti- mulation target manually/ determined either in the APC coordinate system or in Talairach space. The interactive display of the software shows both the distance to the target and the orien- tation angle of the coil relative to the desired position. This enables to work to be undertaken more accurately and faster than ever before.

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The PowerMAG View! neuro-navigation visuali- ses the working area of the coil at an individual, anatomical 3D data record, in real-time. Various different types of coil display (3D model, trans- parent frame model) as well as head and brain models (3D models, semi-transparent 3D model, transparent frame model) can be selected for intuitive positioning of the coil. Functionality such as turning, tilting, sliding, zooming and sagittal, transversal and coronal sections of the head and brain model are likewise fundamental parts of PowerMAG View! Individual colour settings for the working environment...

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Thanks to its open design/ PowerMAG View! is compatible with various different TMS devices from other manufacturers. If you plan to incorporate your TMS device into the Power- MAG View! navigation system, we are happy MAG & More offers the integrated system solution 3D navigation and TMS system from a single source - we distribute our products and support you directly through the German manufacturer. When you buy a MAG & More PowerMAG device, you benefit from our many attractive services. TECHNISCHER SUPPORT The device installation and introduction is carried out by trained specialists and should ensure...

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Reproduction editing, distribution or any other use must be authorized in writing by the respective author or creator. Copying of this product catalogue or parts of it is prohibited. Should you become aware of a copyright infringement, we would appreciate you drawing this to our attention by sending an e-mail to info@magand- more.com. All rights reserved. © 2013 MAG & More GmbH We have taken great care in the preparation of our product catalogue. However we cannot assume any liability if the contents are not correct, complete and up-to-date. MAG &More GmbH is not responsible for typographi- cal...

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