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Product Catalog Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Accessories

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PDWERMAG ACCESSORIES The EMG device is a 2+1 channel wireless electrophysiological amplifier with 2 bipolar input channels and 1 trigger input channel. It has 24 bit sampling resolution, maximizing its measurement accuracy. This device delivers clean EMG signals that are completely free of mains interference and cable movement artifacts. It also filters the data by using a software that incorporates no hardware filters other than anti-aliasing, so the raw data is always available and quick recovery ensured. The EMG device transmits its data directly to a PC or PDA via Bluetooth®, thus optimizing...

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This box enables the PC-Interface and hence the stimulator device to be accessed with much more freedom. It can be connected with the Pc-lnterface cable on the PC side. All the parameters from PC- Interface can then be controlled and monitored externally, even without PC. FOOT SWITCH The PowerMAG stimulator device can be operated by an external triggering device for convenience pulse emitting under many different conditions. This foot switch enables the user to deliver stimulation pulses just by operating the pedal. A special protection around the pedal reduces the risk of unintended pulse triggering. HAND...

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RTMS TROLLEY This stable trolley is designed specifically for the PowerMAG TMS system. Four large twin-swivel castors provide a high level of mobility and smooth-running ride characteristics. It is also equipped with an integrated coil holder. RTMS TROLLEY COIL When the stimulation coil is not used, it can be placed beside the rTMS trolley. For this purpose, a special coil holder is designed to be mounted on This support bar is supplementary to the coil positioning arm, increasing the placement freedom of the positioning arm. It can be easily mounted on the treatment chair or the rTMS trolley. TREATMENT...

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Your specialist for magnetic neurostimulation and 3D neuronavigation MAG & More GmbH Magnetic and Life Science Systems Geisenhausenerstrasse 11a D-81379 Munich Germany Tel. +49 (0)89 20 18 52 48 080511e 01 Technical changes reserved

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