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MAGNETIC AND LIFE SCIENCE SYSTEMS Product Catalog Magnetic Stimulation Stimulators - Research Seri

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GENERAL INFORMATION The PowerMAG series open up new application possibilities in therapy, diagnosis and research. Surpassing every expectation placed on a highly developed medical device, PowerMAG belongs to the top class of magnetic stimulators. The combination of high-performance stimulator, state-of-the-art coils and various advanced equipment enables a versatile usage of PowerMAG systems. The simple and intuitive design ensures a user-friendly environment when using the stimulator. The PowerMAG stimulator works in combination with specially designed stimulation coils. A broad range of stimulation...

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half wave full wave external control

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PDWERMAG RESEARCH SYSTEM SDLUTIDN FDR YDUR TMS RESEARCH The PowerMAG research series is designed for the specific needs of your TMS research. Its novel interfacing technology creates a whole new experience in combining TMS with other methods, such as EEG, EMG and MRl.The revolutionary hardware solutions implemented in the PowerMAG research allow the stimulator to be phase synchronized with other devices, eliminating almost every induced noise and TMS's major contribution to neuroscience research is the fact that it can demonstrate causality and induces inhibition or facilitation. Moreover, the...

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PUSH THE BOUNDARIES OF YOUR TMS RESEARCH The PowerMAG 30 research is a TMS stimulator built using innovative hardware solutions which allow it to be phase synchronized with the EEG amplifiers and continuous EEGs to be recorded without any power line noise or recharging artifacts. Like every PowerMAG stimulators, PowerMAG 30 research makes no compromise on the maximal intensity (100% output) in the frequency range of up to 30 Hz. • Neuroscience research (e.g. depression, pain, schizophrenia, stroke, cognitive psychology) • OnlineTMS & MR-imaging • Sports medicine • Animal research • Brain mapping •Visual...

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YDUR ULTIMATE TMS RESEARCH TOOL The PowerMAG 100 research was specially developed for the high-end research user. Powerful high- frequency TMS (including Theta Burst Stimulation) as well as high-precise single pulse and paired pulse protocols are available in one standalone device. Furthermore, all technical features of the PowerMAG 30 • paired pulse facilitation • paired pulse inhibition •Theta Burst Stimulation • High power & high frequency protocols • Neuroscience research (e.g. depression, pain, schizophrenia, stroke, cognitive psychology) • OnlineTMS & MR-imaging • Sports medicine • Animal...

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Your specialist for magnetic neurostimulation and 3D neuronavigation MAG & More GmbH Magnetic and Life Science Systems Geisenhausenerstrasse 11a D-81379 Munich Germany Tel. +49 (0)89 20 18 52 48 080540e 01 Technical changes reserved

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