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Artificial Intelligence
Virtual control panel
The virtual control panel, which can be
installed on a PC, allows all diagnostic
activities to be controlled from
Dynamic exploration of the
third dimension
a workstation.
For example, the user can link up a mini
tablet-PC with touch screen to pilot
the machine while comfortably positioned
outside the X-ray area.
Diagnostic programmes
15 different diagnostic programmes are available through the intuitive control panel, to satisfy any possible diagnostic need.
Being able to glance through transversal slices of the area in question
on a PC screen is extremely useful to whoever practices implantology,
simply because it offers accurate radiographic data to work with, perfect
for reliable measurements.
3DTS is a dedicated examination, with consequent reconstruction of data
based on Tomosynthesis; it adds information on the third dimension – depth –
of a specific region of the upper and lower dental arch by using a
very limited X-ray dose.
Acquire automatically-selected standard and paediatric panoramic projections, frontal and lateral views of the maxillary sinuses,
multi-angle lateral and posterior-anterior views of the temporo-mandibular joint.
The user controllable partial projections are a comfortable alternative to intraoral imaging, appreciated by those patients
with strong gag reflex, creating a clear bitewings like views of molar and premolar regions.
Whereas traditional stratigraphic panoramic imaging techniques produce
between 2 and 4 static two-dimensional sections alone, in pre-defined
anatomical positions, the 3DTS examination reproduces on a PC an
entire anatomical portion of interest, which can be explored via
orthogonal cross-sections laid out as you wish and apt for
Clinical cases
sequential viewing. This means you dispose of a useful tool for
the evaluation of single implant sites, thus reducing the need to resort
to CAT scan examinations except in the case of more extensive surgery,
such as wide scale reconstruction which involves numerous implants across
the entire arch.
Inspection of surgical site
The selection of a region of interest is done within a rectangular area
directly on a panoramic radiographic image of the patient in question, or by a
template of an average patient.
Field of view: 4x4x10cm.
Panoramic detail
Reliable 1:1 measurements
Right after acquisition, the powerful rayMage software will fold the panoramic image along
the curved path of the focal trough, and let you browse through the field of view, slice by slice,
allowing for reliable 1:1 measurements of the transversal slices, with the precision of 0.15mm
pixel size.
Implant Template
Once the virtual implant is in place, browse the slices in real-time to make sure it fits
throughout the entire implant site.
Maxillary sinuses
Latero-lateral teleradiography
Customize the template to represent your favourite screw set and abutments.

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