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MORE THAN HEAT 30-3000T Muffle Furnaces Preheating Furnaces Ashing Furnaces Tube Furnaces High-Temperature Ovens Chamber Furnaces Melting Furnaces High-Temperature Furnaces Retort Furnaces Vacuum Furnaces Brazing Furnaces Clean Room Furnaces

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Made in Germany Nabertherm with 350 employees worldwide have been developing and producing industrial furnaces for many different applications for over 60 years. As a manufacturer, Nabertherm offers the widest and deepest range of furnaces worldwide. 150,000 satisfied customers in more than 100 countries offer proof of our commitment to excellent design, quality and cost efficiency. Short delivery times are ensured due to our complete inhouse production and our wide variety of standard furnaces. Setting Standards in Quality and Reliability Nabertherm does not only offer the widest range of...

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Professional Furnaces with Flap Door or Lift Door Our L 1/12 - LT 40/12 series is the right choice for daily laboratory use. These models stand out for their excellent workmanship, advanced and attractive design, and high level of reliability. The furnaces come equipped with either a flap door or lift door at no extra charge. ■ Heating from two sides by ceramic heating plates (heating from three sides for models L 24/11 - LT 40/12) ■ Ceramic heating plates with integral heating element which is safeguarded against fumes and splashing, and ■ Highly durable cured vacuum fiber module lining ■...

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Model Flap door L 3/11 L 5/11 L 9/11 L 15/11 L 24/11 L 40/11 Electrical Weight Minutes connection* in kg to Tmax² single-phase 20 60 single-phase 35 60 single-phase 45 75 single-phase 55 90 3-phase 75 95 3-phase 95 95 single-phase single-phase single-phase single-phase single-phase 3-phase 3-phase L 5/11 with gas supply system Adjustable air inlet integrated in the door

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Compact Muffle Furnaces LE 1/11 - LE 14/11 With their unbeatable price/performance ratio, these compact muffle furnaces are perfect for many applications in the laboratory. Quality features like the dual shell furnace housing of rust-free stainless steel, their compact, lightweight constructions, or the heating elements encased in quartz glass tubes make these models reliable partners for your application. Over-temperature limit controller Tmax 1100 °C, working temperature 1050 °C Heating from two sides from heating elements in quartz glass tubes Maintenance-friendly replacement of heating...

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Muffle Furnaces with Brick Insulation and Flap Door or Lift Door L 5/13 - LT 15/13 Heating elements on support tubes radiating freely into the furnace chamber provide for particularly short heating times for these models. Thanks to their robust lightweight refractory brick insulation, they can reach a maximum working temperature of 1300 °C. These models thus represent an interesting alternative to the familiar L(T) 3/11 models, when you need particularly short heating times or a higher application temperature. Tmax 1300 °C Heating from two sides from heating elements Heating elements on...

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Ashing Furnaces with Flap Door or Lift Door Fiber muffle Air preheating Air inlet Heating plate Air intake and exhaust flow principle LV 3/11 - LVT 15/11 The models LV 3/11 - LVT 15/11 are especially designed for ashing in the laboratory. A special air intake and exhaust system allows air exchange of more than 6 times per minute. Incoming air is preheated to ensure a good temperature uniformity. Tmax 1100 °C Heating from two sides by ceramic heating plates Ceramic heating plates with integral heating element which is safeguarded against fumes and splashing, and easy to replace Highly...

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Additional equipment Over-temperature limit controller with manual reset for thermal protection class 2 in accordance with EN 60519-2 as temperature limiter to protect the oven and load Please see page 13 for more accessories Process control and documentation with Controltherm MV software package see page 61 Over-temperature limit controller Model Flap door LV 3/11 LV 5/11 LV 9/11 LV 15/11 Model Tmax Inner dimensions in mm Volume Lift door °C w d h in l LVT 3/11 1100 160 140 100 3 LVT 5/11 1100 200 170 130 5 LVT 9/11 1100 230 240 170 9 LVT15/11 1100 230 340 170 15 ¹Including exhaust tube (Ø...

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Muffle Furnaces with Embedded Heating Elements in the Ceramic Muffle L, LT 9/11/SKM We particularly recommend the L 9/11/SKM model if your application involves aggressive substances. The furnace has a ceramic muffle with embedded heating from four sides. The furnace thus combines a very good temperature uniformity with excellent protection of the heating elements from aggressive atmospheres. Another aspect is the smooth, nearly particle free muffle (furnace door made of fiber insulation), an important quality feature for some ashing processes. Muffle heated from four sides Gas supply system...

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Furnace Systems with Scale and Software for Determination of Combustion Loss L 9/11/SW - LT 9/12/SW This complete system, with an furnace, integrated precision scale, and software, was designed especially for combustion loss determination in the laboratory. The determination of combustion loss is necessary, for instance, when analyzing sludges and household garbage, and is also used in a variety of technical processes for the evaluation of results. The difference between the initial total mass and the combustion residue is the combustion loss. During the process, the software included...

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Muffle Furnaces with Integrated Air Circulation Fiber muffle LT 5/11HA - LT 15/11HA The LT 5/11HA - LT 15/11HA muffle ovens with integrated air circulation provide an optimum temperature uniformity in the furnace chamber and heat transmission to your batch. This advantageous effect not only increases the precision of the results of your work, it is also a true quality factor, particularly when you need good uniformity in the lower temperature range. Air-circulation fan in rear wall of furnace Over-temperature limit controller Tmax 1100 °C Heating from two sides by ceramic heating plates...

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