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Product lineup for ELPS - 2 Pages

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Product lineup for ELPS
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Catalogue excerpts

Product lineup for ELPS Tongue blade Long 10343301 / Short 10343300 Effective length 150mm / Effective length 100mm Satou’s Curved Laryngo-Pharyngo Scope with mouth gag frame Guide tube Thick 10343500 / Thin 10343400 Allows smooth insertion of the Laryngo-Pharyngo Scope while protecting the tongue. The guide tube angle can be adjusted to let the endoscopic puncture needle approach to the target site. (The thin guide tube is marked with red rings on the grip for identification.) Endoscope guide tube Laryngoscope holder mounting Curved 10348700 / Slightly curved 10348600 / Straight 10348500 with a cleaning sheath Non-medical device Guides the endoscope to the required position to clean the lens and lesion. JMDN : 37150000, 70167000 Japanese Class : I Fixture to keep the laryngoscope holder stable. Saitou’s laryngoscope holder Non-medical device Sterilization container Non-medical device Standard set : 80410037 (W)597 x (D)279 x (H)102mm Standard set with forceps tray : 80410038 (W)597 x (D)279 x (H)203mm Layout example This fixture supports secure retention of good visual exposure by firmly holding the laryngoscope. The hypopharyngeal region can be sufficiently exposed by using the holder. The container allows simultaneous sterilization of multiple devices. It also provides useful storage for the device set. Note: The product design and specifications shown in this catalog are subject to change without notice. Note: Colors of the devices shown in this catalog may differ from the actual product colors due to the printing process. 5-24-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 JAPAN TEL:+81-3-3812-1271 FAX:+81-3-3816-2824 http://www.nagashima-med.com/ info@nagashima-medical.co.jp Applied: Head Office, Factory No.2 & Factory No.3 ・To enable the endoscopic visualization of and easy surgical access to the wider anatomical locations of the oro-hypopharynx and larynx regions. ・To secure the enhanced direct visualization of the targeting exposure in tonsill

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Satou’s Curved Laryngo-Pharyngo Scope with mouth gag frame (Type-S2) Product lineup for ELPS Curved forceps JMDN Japanese Class License No. Features ◆ The curved shape of the pharynx opener enables to reduce load onto the teeth, temporomandibular joint, and cervical spine, and provides an excellent visual exposure of the oro-hypopharynx and larynx region and an appropriate working space. ◆ The adjustable mouth gag frame improves the visual exposure of the oral cavity and oropharynx to provide sufficient visibility down to the tonsil lower pole even in tonsillectomy*1 under direct vision. Effective...

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