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Function is what the PIPDriver is all about. These one-of-a-kind devices articulate freely and progressively with the residual finger, providing an option for people who need a finger prosthesis that can improve object manipulation, grip strength, and dexterity. The PIPDriver makes many activities of daily living (ADL) easier to do. Multiple contact points allow for firm grasp, such as gripping a tool or a handle, while a soft silicone grip pad on the tip gives the user the ability to clasp buttons, grip keys, type, play the piano, guitar, and more. ™ IDEAL CANDIDATE SPECIFICATIONS: AT LEAST For an amputee who doesn’t meet the minmum requirements for the PIPDriver, it is possible to obtain some functional benefit from the PIPDriver. However, special considerations will have to be made prior to ordering a device. Sizing is as simple as ordering a Naked Prosthetics sizing kit, completing the forms, submitting detailed pictures of both hands and a video showing ROM. From this information, our engineers design and manufacture a custom functional, finger prosthesis. OTHER COMFORT ASPECTS INCLUDE: Custom designed to fit comfortably and suit your patient’s essential daily needs. Easy to clean, care for, don and doff. Made from strong and durable medical-grade nylon 12. Cage-like structure protects residuum. Slender and sleek design allows for wearing of multiple devices. The PIPDriver has a four to six week lead time from the point all required documentation is received. “ I’m able to do everyday tasks with precision!” Conforming silicone rubber tip pads resemble the natural fingertip. © 2017 Naked Prosthetics. All rights reserved. — James, PIPDriver

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A robust, custom, functional solution: MCPDriver. “ I use to be the guy in the room with the missing fingers. Now, I’m the guy with the cool hand!” — Nick, Four MCPDrivers The MCPDriver is a functional finger prosthesis custom designed for amputees who have suffered a finger amputation in their proximal phalanx. It restores much needed length and articulation to the amputated digit. This device is a tool which enables the end user to lift objects and complete everyday tasks such as buttoning a shirt, unscrewing a lid, or holding a hammer, improving overall function in the user’s hand. ™ The...

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A robust, custom, functional solution: MCPThumb. Five weeks post intervention, Joe is showing dramatic improvement in his scores in every category. As a cabinet maker and woodworker, Joe relies on his non-dominant hand to assist with holding tools and materials. Since receiving his prosthesis, Joe’s grip strength has increased 50%; he’s able to cut and hold his food, and has an overall better grasp on objects. Joe wears the device every day, for nearly every activity without discomfort or fatigue. He recently reported that he went to his favorite restaurant for pork tenderloins and did not...

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