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External Perfusion

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Port-a-Patch® - reliable and fast perfusion. • Fast and continuous perfusion • Computer control • Synchronization between perfusion and data acquisition • Integrated vacuum for waste removal • Also available as stand-alone system

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is an additional perfusion chamber comprised of a computer controlled magnetic pinch allowing solution switch times down valve panel, and a dedicated flow chamber for the Port‑a‑Patch®. Up to eight different solutions can be ­­ configuration. The External Perfusion handled by the magnetic valve panel. Switching of System is thereby ideal for studies of both ligand and voltage gated automatically. The latter allows synchronization of data channels. Temperature control is acquisition with solution exchange, as well as tagging also available in combination with the collected traces with...

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External solution exchange. Currents of RBL cells endogenously expressing K+ permeable channels (-100 mV) were measured. The external K+ concentration was changed using the Perfusion System and the standard, Laminar Flow Chamber. Time constant for solution exchange was approximately 100 ms. Low K+ (4.5 mM K+), high K+ (143 mM K+). PHOTO LAMINAR FLOW CHAMBER PHOTO LAMINAR FLOW CHAMBER Exchange time: 100 ms Exchange time: 100 ms Reliable compound application. Ligand dependent activation of GABAA r ­eceptors can be recorded with the ­ aminar L Flow Chamber, allowing a solution switch time of...

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Ultrafast perfusion of GABA. Using the Fast Perfusion Chamber GABAa (al P2y2) channels were challenged with 100 jM GABA, eliciting a fast on-set of the whole cell currents (holding potential -80 mV). Peak current amplitudes were reached within 20 ms.

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