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Internal Perfusion
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Port-a-Patch® - Reaching inside the cell. Robust and reliable internal solution exchange • Complete exchange of solutions in seconds • Continuous internal perfusion possible • Data recordings possible during solution exchange

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Nanion's planar patch clamp chips offer the unique possibility to perfuse the intracellular side of the membrane. This aspect is exploited with the Internal Perfusion System for the Port-a-Patch®. Up to eight different solutions can be perfused inside the cell, allowing dose response analysis of compounds acting on the cytosolic portion of the ion channel. Second messengers and metabolites can also be added internally to investigate how ion channel function is affected. Solutions are exchanged within seconds, and the ion channel modulation can be continuously monitored during the solution exchange. The...

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Stable recordings during internal ­ erfusion. p KV1.3 currents (blue), ­ ndogenously exe pressed in Jurkat cells, were rapidly ­ locked b by internal perfusion of Cs+ (light blue), and fully recovered after washout with K+ (grey). Internal solution replacement was ­epeated r 19 times and the recording was stable for over 35 minutes, as shown in the lower Internal application of second messengers. Currents mediated by BK channels expressed 2 nA in CHO cells were studied using the Internal Perfusion System. Currents were elicited by a voltage step from -80 mV to +80 mV before and c ­ ontaining a...

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Pharmacological experiments. KV1.3 current was blocked by the internal application of increasing concentrations of quinidine (left) or TEA+ (right). The graphs show the Hill plots for IC50 determination. For quinidine the IC50 was determined as 15 |jM (literature value external application 14 jM) and for TEA+ the IC50 was determined as 0.9 ± 0.3 mM (n = 3) (literature value internal application 0.6 mM). Internal perfusion Size (l x w x h): 7.0 x 7.0 x 10 cm Weight: 460 g Internal Perfusion without Perfusion System* • Internal Perfusion Chamber with housing • Internal Perfusion starter kit: electrodes,...

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