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Orbit mini

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The Orbit mini. Plug and paint. • imultaneous recording from four lipid bilayers S • Low noise, high bandwidth recordings • emperature control - active cooling and heating T • ost-efficient experiments with disposable MECA chips C Introducing the Orbit mini – Nanion's entry level device for bilayer recordings Bilayer recordings typically mean tedious waiting for ­ b ­ ilayer formation, ­ rotein introduction and eventually p ion channel activity. The Orbit mini combines the parallel membrane preparation and measurement techniques known from the Orbit 16 with a maximum of portability and ease of use. Orbit mini contains a built-in, miniaturized four-channel amplifier, allowing low noise recordings at high band- Key features of the Orbit mini: width without the need for any additional equipment – • Fast formation of four painted lipid bilayers you could virtually conduct experiments while travelling • imultaneous low noise, high bandwidth recordings S by train! Due to the unique design of the Orbit mini, the from four bilayers • No time consuming disassembly or cleaning measurement chamber temperature can be actively controlled without additional noise gener

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Nanion Europe Nanion China Turn-key device for parallel lipid bilayer recordings α-Hemolysin & PEG-block A complete Orbit mini platform consists of the main r ­ecording unit with a built-in four channel amplifier (Ele- control unit for active cooling and heating of the recor- ding chamber. Ionera's √16 MECA disposable chips are used for manual painting of lipid bilayers and parallel recording from four bilayers. TThe planar lipid bilayers are done on the 4 channel Micro Electrode Cavity Array 100 ms chip (MECA, Ionera), by manual painting of solvent containing lipids. On the right, the data...

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