The Patchliner® . Because quality does matter - 4 Pages

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The Patchliner® . Because quality does matter

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The Patchliner ®. Because quality does matter.

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The Patchliner® Electrophysiology in the fast lane • Sophisticated and efficient platform • Whole cell and single channel recordings • Unprecedented flexibility and user control • Voltage- and ligand-gated channels • High success rates • Primary cell and stem cell recordings • Voltage and current clamp recordings • Versatile liquid handling • Premium data quality and G seals • Advanced temperature control 2. Analyzed & averaged data Press one button and walk away – 48 cells in one run The Patchliner® is a fully automated bench-top patch clamp platform, recording from up to eight cells...

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chip resistance: 2 MΩ (customized resistances available) seal resistance: series resistance: liquid consumption: perfusion time constant: minimum exposure time: whole cell stability: successful whole cell recording: 70 - 90 % (consistent between cell lines) Voltage clamp Best of all worlds: throughput, performance, versatility With the Patchliner® you can have it all. Efficient routine screening in voltage clamp mode or automated 50 ms 0.5 nA action potential recordings from stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes – it’s your choice! Patchliner’s ability to perform automated current clamp Current...

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Smart tools for ion channel research nan]i[on “Xention is a company specialising in ion channel drug discovery and development, and we have invested in Patchliners because their flexibility and adaptability allow us to utilise this technology to meet the differing needs of our various screening projects. The targets we study require high quality electrophysiological recordings, and we have found that the Patchliner can deliver such output with a high success rate for a range of different ion channels and heterologous cell lines. Nanion has been extremely helpful in customising the software...

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