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The world's smallest patch clamp setup. Providing biggest results.

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The Port-a-Patch® Enjoy electrophysiology • Increased throughput with high data quality • Whole-cell and single channel recordings • Easy-to-use – also for non-experts • Successful with primary cells • High success rates for stable whole cells • Voltage and ligand gated ion channels • Versatile liquid handling • Ultra-low noise bilayer recordings • Compatible with most amplifiers • External and internal perfusion and temperature control The Port-a-Patch® is a miniaturized patch clamp system A borosilicate glass chip, NPC®-1, containing a micron enabling the user, regardless of experience, to rapidly sized...

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chip resistance: 2 - 3.5 MΩ (customized resistances available) seal resistance: whole cell resistance: series resistance: liquid consumption: perfusion time constant (Perf. Sys.) internal perfusion time constant: avg. whole cell stability: successful whole cell recording: 70 - 90 % (consistent between cell lines) Technical Specifications A Port-a-Patch® system includes: • Port-a-Patch® recording station (including Faraday top) • Port-a-Patch® Suction Control, USB-controlled (no house vacuum needed) • Maintenance Kit • Electrophysiological Recording Solutions Kit • 500 NPC® -1 chips • PatchControl...

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"The Port-a-Patch is a state-of-the-art automated patch clamp platform that allows trainees at Hydra without prior experience in electrophysiology to quickly learn how to generate high quality patch clamp recordings. It substantially speeds up the teaching process as well as giving us an easy-to - use platform for efficient, accurate screening of ion channel active compounds." Chris Fanger, Director of Lead Discovery, Hydra Biosciences, Boston, MA, USA ‘Ihe Port-a-Patch enables students and young researchers lacking formal training in electrophysiology to rapidly generate research grade data....

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