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Catalogue excerpts

SURFE2R 96SE. Pump up your transporter research.

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• Automatization of experimental workflows • High signal amplification for small • High time resolution • Transporters, pumps and channels • Requires only 0.1 - 1 µg protein per well • Native membranes or proteoliposomes • Label-free electrical measurements • Applies established SSM-based • Integration into CyBio® Felix • Automated data analysis and export transmembrane currents • Flexible experimental design Data quality • Real-time data, not single point read-out Cost efficient Extremely fast • Recording of 96 wells in parallel Large scope SURFE2R 96SE. Pump up your transporter research. Throughput...

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Specifications. Liquid handling platform CyBio® FeliX (WHD: 88 x 51 x 67 cm), including wash station for pipettor Solution exchange Time resolution: 5 ms, solution positions: 9 x 96 Solution consumption Substrate: 10 - 50 µl, inhibitor: 80 - 340 µl (per well and measurement) Nanion refillable reservoir Including 2 reservoirs, control unit, software integration Teflon labware, lipid reservoir, tip starter kit, ultrasonic processor, tool kit Shielded measuring chamber, control unit and amplifier Sensor plates 96 well-based recording plates; gold-coated sensors with 3 mm diameter Reference electrodes Electrode...

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SURFE2R – measure more membrane “The SURFE2R makes extremely challenging electrophysiological targets accessible to robust ­ routine analyses. For example, we have ­ eveloped an assay for investigating nicotinic d acetylcholine receptor ion ­ hannels, using membranes from the Pacific electric ray, c Torpedo California. In this way, we overcome many of the well-known ­ ifficulties associad ted with this ion channel, which allows us to ­ fficiently ​­ e obtain ­nformation regarding comi pound pharmacology. Obtained ­ harmacology values match those of patch clamp rep cordings ­ xceptionally well....

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