SURFE2 R. Catch the wave for transporters. - 4 Pages

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SURFE2 R. Catch the wave for transporters.

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SURFE2R. Catch the wave for transporters.

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SURFE2R. Fast track to transporter activity and function. Validated membrane sources: • Direct recordings of transporter protein activity • Native tissue • Mammalian cells • Efficient safety and pharmacology screening • Insect cells • Cell-free electrophysiology • Membrane preparations stable for months • ultiple targets measurable M using the same sensor Plant proton ATPase Plant proton ATPase, Transporters, pumps and ion channels in diverse, reconstituted in different lipids. asolectin liposomes POPC/POPG liposomes Plant proton ATPase, reconstituted in different lipids. Activation with...

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The capacitive signal obtained from the sensor is highly reproducible, robust and concentration-dependent. Therefore the SURFE2R allows for reliable and efficient i nvestigations of compound pharmacology. Additionally contributing to the efficiency is the stability of the prepared membranes. The prepared recording plates are stable for days to months depending on storage. It is possible to re-use recording plates for new experiments, e.g. when the preparation contains multiple transporter proteins. The SURFE2R facilitates research, safety testing and pharmacological characterization of a...

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SURFE2R —measure more membrane nan]i[on “The SURFE2R makes extremely challenging electrophysiological targets accessible to robust routine analyses. For example, we have developed an assay for investigating nicotinic acetylcholine receptor a7 ion channels, using membranes from the Pacific electric ray eel, Torpedo California. In this way, we overcome many of the well - known difficulties associated with this ion channel, which allows us to efficiently obtain information regarding compound pharmacology. Obtained pharmacology values match those of patch clamp recordings exceptionally well. We...

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