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Temperature control

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Accurate maintenance of temperature • Brief temperature pulses possible • Experiments at physiological temperatures • Allows continuous perfusion

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The Temperature Control System for the Port-a-Patch® allows experiments at elevated temperatures or application of short temperature pulses. Two components are used to heat the solutions: a canulla for heating of solutions during continuous perfusion, and the flow chamber containing a resistive heating element. This results in stable temperature maintenance whether or not the solutions are perfused. A computer interface is used to monitor and control the applied temperatures, allowing temperature changes with the click of a button. Temperatures ranging from room temperature to 60 °C (± 0.5...

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Temperature control up to 60 °C. Nanion’s e ­ nables recordings from room temperature up to 60 °C. In this way, ion channels with temperature k ­ inetics or opening probabilities can be s ­ tudied, for example hERG channels and heat activated TRP channels. Heat activated channels. Original traces of TRPV1 current responses to voltage ramps from –100 mV up to +100 mV. TRPV1 current at RT (28°C), during two stimulations by application of heated solution (34°C and 36°C), and after cooling down to RT (29°C). The right-hand picture shows the current amplitudes as recorded at -100 mV and +100 mV...

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Additional Perfusion Canulla: • Perfusion Canulla with heater and sensor

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