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Nano-Check hs-CRP

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CRP(C-reactive protein) is a class of acute-phase reactants, as its levels rise dramatically during Inflammatory occurring in the body. As a result, CRP is used to monitor changes in inflammation associated with many infectious and none infectious disease as well as following a myocardial Infarction, "Inflammation" is the process by which the body responds to injury or an infection. A large number of clinical studies suggested that inflammation plays a major role in atherosclerosis. This is the process in which cholesterol and other lipids build up in the inner lining of arteries and closely associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD). From the results of many studies, the testing CRP level in the blood was suggested as an additional way to assess cardiovascular disease risk. Two different tests can measure CRP in blood with different measuring ranges of CRP levels: the standard CRP test and the high sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) test. The hs-CRP test can more accurately detect lower concentrations of the protein than the standard CRP test. Prognosis for healthy person's risk of cardiovascular disease Measuring CRP with the improved methodology of the highly sensitive assay can identify the risk level for CVD in apparently healthy people. For these high-risk individuals, this more sensitive test allows for measurement of lower concentrations of CRP that may be within the normal range bur consistently at the higher end of the range. These normal but relatively high levels of CRP in otherwise healthy individuals have been found to be predictive of the future risk of a heart attack, stroke, sudden death, and peripheral arterial disease. Nano-Check™ hs-CRP test Nano-Check hs-CRP {high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein) test is an in vitro diagnostic test for the determination of C-reactive protein in whole blood, plasma or serum. Measurement of low level of CRP is useful as an aid in predicting a healthy person's risk for cardiovascular disease. To place an order or inquire about pricing and availability, please contact our customer service team at 609-409-3300 or email your request to 259 PROSPECT PLAINS ROAD, BLDG K, CRANBURY, NJ 08512 | T. 609-409-3300 F. 609-409-3377 WWW.NANODITECH.COM

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