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ADAM SCC Automatic Somatic Cell Counter Better way to check milk quality Validation and verification Principal Accuracy: Comparison between ADAM-SCC and Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Counting by National Veterinary Research & Quarantine Service (SOUTH KOREA) Correlation between 12 standard somatic cell solution (Eastern Lab., USA) and ADAM-SCC Compatibility: Data correlation between ADAM-SCC and Conventional Equipments by National Veterinary Research & Quarantine Service (SOUTH KOREA)

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Light source    Green LED [Experiment] Measuring range    0.05 ~ 1.15 x 10 cells/mL Analysis time    Max 2.5min for4tests Loading Volume    20ul/test (For Somachip 2x) 12ul/test (For Somachip 4x) Measuring Volumen    8.5ul/test (For Somachip 2x) ADAM-SCC    ADAM-SCC    Main Device, USB cable, Power cord, Key pad CRS-K02    4 channel Soma kit    Disposable Chips(1 OOpcs, 400tests), Solution(400x1 OOul) ADAM-001    External Video Monitor(Optional) jwebsitel NanoEnTek Inc. (HQ) 2F, 5, Digital-ro 26-gil,Guro-gu, Seoul, 08389, Korea Tel: +82-2-6220-7940, Fax...

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Fully automated somatic cell counter, ADAM-SCC ADAM-SCC is fully compatible to the Direct Microscopic Somatic Cell Count (DMSCC). The ADAM-SCC is designed for the performance of accurate somatic cell counting with the unique image cytometer technology. The ADAM-SCC can be used as an ideal equipment for dairies, smaller labs and veterinary institutes working with somatic cell analysis. It will be helpful to the implementation of milk quality control, which favors farmers who want to supply milk with the improved quality. Features > Accurate & Reliable results - Compatible to the Direct...

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