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Catalogue excerpts

Centri Record temperature of centrifuge The first temperature recorder for centrifuge

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The advantages of Nanotrack® Centri Strong Centrifugation resistance: up to 3000g (with a free rotor). Easy A simple push on the button to connect it. Fast Real time transmission of the temperature values. Practical A 7 ml tube shape to fit in a classical tube holder. Dimensions: 11.3mm x 100mm Operating temperature: -40°C / +50°C Mass: 20g Battery life: 100h operating time in centrifuge Wireless Bluetooth communication to display and record the temperature. Nanotrack® centri is a product patented by Nanolike

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Record the temperature inside the centrifuge Make the temperature recording of your centrifuge in only 4 steps: Step 1 Enable Bluetooth connection Export and analyze the data Read / Record values with the Android application

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