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Catalogue excerpts

The test tube temperature tracker Validate the compliance of your samples with a single gesture NEW COMPATIBLE ISO-15189 Calibrate yourself your Nanotrack!

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% ve^*innpe uuay Nanotrack® is the first test tube able to record the temperature of biological samples during the pre-analytical phase, e.g. when your steed team transport samples from collecting points to your laboratory or technical platform for analysis. This temperature tracker is made specifically for biomedical laboratories who have to ensure the traceability of biological samples in accordance with the NF EN-IS0-15189 norm. Extremely simple of use, it allows to check the compliance of biological samples with only a pressure on its cap. Its system of LED alerts the user when the temperature...

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The advantages of the “control tube“ Fast Only one finger push on the Nanotrack® cap is needed to check the compliance of your samples. A continuous push (5 seconds) on the cap resets the ® Nanotrack Practical The Nanotrack ® “control tube“ fits in most of traditional biological samples transport boxes. Nanotrack ® sizes are equal to a 7mL test tube (14 mm x 120 mm). Simple The colored LED display validates the samples compliance. Green LED means that the samples have been maintained in an acceptable temperature range during their transportation. Calibratable Calibrate your Nanotrack ® yourself...

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9 congurations to perfectly t your needs Several combinations available: • 3 temperature ranges • 3 type of activation delay (15 min, 30 min or 60 min) Choose your activation delay (15, 30 or 60 minutes). When the Nanotrack® measures a temperature above a threshold, the corresponding LED is not immediatly activated. The temperature should go over the threshold longer than the minimum delay for the Nanotrack® to register the non-compliance.

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Easy analysis of your temperature records thanks to our online application By entering online the results given by the Nanotrack®, you can quickly get an analysis of the compliance of your samples. After putting in place corrective actions, results become better and gaps keep reducing. Step 1 Connect to website Online software, no install, Mac, Windows, Linux compatible Accessible from any place. Step 2 Enter the temperature record given by the Nanotrack® A simple interface allows to save online the temperature records in a few clics. Step 3 Analyze the results of the temperature...

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Testimonies Julie. 27 y/o . Nurse. Every morning, I go to my patient’s home to get blood samples. When done, I put the samples in my case with my Nanotrack. I am now sure that during the transport the temperature will be correctly measured thanks to this test tube. I just have to press the cap for 5 seconds to reset the measure and I'm ready to leave. Than I can very easily insert the Nanotrack in the collecting box as it has a shape of tube ! Once arrived, pressing shortly the button allows the biologist to check directly yhe compliance of my samples. Stéphane. 38 y/o. Quality specialist. Graphical...

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