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Information to keep you aware Be in touch at all times When storing or transporting products that are sensitive to ambient conditions, the last thing you want are surprises. You’ve put too much time and energy into your research to find out too late that the power to your incubator went down and damaged your cultures. The biological samples in your cryogenic freezer are too valuable to lose because of an unreported change in storage conditions. Transporting blood is too important to take any chances with temperature variations. The dangers of not respecting the cold-chain in food handling...

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Dear Customer, For well over a decade, OCEASOFT has been proudly serving you with complete end-to-end solutions for monitoring thermal and ambient conditions in static and mobile environments. Our remote monitoring tools enable you to keep rigorous track of the physical parameters that have a direct impact on your mission-critical storage, research, and transport equipment. Your satisfaction with OCEASOFT solutions is going to be based on their reliability and robustness in your particular situation. As such, we are dedicated to a rigorous approach in designing, developing, testing,...

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^    Cobalt 2 - Advanced wireless monitoring    11 Cobalt 2 wireless module overview    12 Digital temperature sensors (internal/external)    14 Precision temperature sensors (Pt100)    16 Dual humidity & temperature sensor    17 Dual CO2 & temperature sensor    18 Differential pressure sensor    19 4-20 mA or 0-5 V active output sensor    20 Dry contact input sensor    21 Cobalt T - Temperature, light & humidity sensors    22 |    Cobalt L3 - LoRaWAN™ long range connected datalogger    23 Temperature and humidity monitoring with LoRaWAN™    24 |    Cobalt S3 - SIGFOX™ long range connected...

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Introduction Introduction Don’t leave your lab unattended Labs, cold-rooms, and storage and production facilities of all kinds can easily be equipped with a variety of sensors to monitor specific conditions that are important to you. A wide range of sensors are at your disposal for projects, products, or research environments that require stable conditions. Combined with automatic data-logging systems, you can keep track of these conditions even when you are not around. Thanks to the OCEASOFT monitoring solutions, from standalone dataloggers to networked wireless sensor modules, there’s no...

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Don’t worry, we’ll let you know if there’s a problem Monitoring solutions are only as good as the information they provide you. Accuracy, reliability, and long battery life are all important factors for logging sensor data. An alert system that is responsive to unexpected changes can bridge the gap between your equipment and yourself, wherever you may be, whenever the anomaly occurs. The OCEASOFT Alarm Management System (AMS) is an integral part of the Cobalt software solution. AMS keeps a constant watch over your data to make sure it stays within range. If not, it knows how to reach you by...

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OCEASOFT datalogging solutions help protect your sensitive and critical samples, materials, and products by monitoring physical parameters in a wide range of situations. Our Cobalt solutions are adapted to various uses, applications, and industry sectors as summarized below: (1) Modules sold Independently. (2) With Cobalt M dedicated client software. © 2016 Oceasoft | |

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Monitoring physical parameters doesn't stop at your company premises. Temperatures can often vary during transportation and deteriorate your products. OCEASOFT offers autonomous wireless monitoring solutions which enable you to track the temperatures throughout the transportation chain. The new OCEASOFT solutions, Emerald and Atlas, are equipped with the Bluetooth®-Smart technology providing you data reading and mission programming via your smartphone or your tablet. (1) 21 CFR Part 11 in progress. (2) With OceaBridge. © 2016 Oceasoft | |

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ARCHITECTURE OVERVIEW The Cobalt wireless monitoring system is a fully integrated wireless sensor network solution that is comprised of: Digital and analog sensors capable of measuring a variety of critical parameters, such as temperature, relative humidity, C02, voltage output, etc..These sensors are connected to, or integrated in, the Cobalt modules. Cobalt 1 & Cobalt 2 Modules These battery-powered modules read their sensors and then log the data in internal memory. Stored data is then transmitted wirelessly to a central server. Wireless repeaters Repeaters may be used to provide extra...

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Advanced wireless monitoring OCEASOFT’s secondgeneration environment monitoring system with one-touch setup, LCD display, long-range wireless communication and long term battery life Cobalt 2 – Surveillance sans fil avancée © 2016 Oceasoft | |

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Advanced wireless monitoring COBALT 2 WIRELESS MODULE OVERVIEW Cobalt 2 is a highly reliable wireless datalogger that reads connected sensors at programmable intervals, stores the data locally, and then transfers it wirelessly to the ThermoServer database, as described in the previous section. This solution is the technological evolution of OCEASOFT’s flagship Cobalt 1 module (see page 35), now also featuring: o Informative LCD display with latest reading, module details, signal strength, and remaining battery level o One-touch wireless configuration o A wide range of supported sensors Did...

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Common Cobalt 2 features All Cobalt 2 solutions offer the following features: o Configurable data-logging, transmission cycles and upper/lower limits o Mounting kit with plastic holder, magnet, screws, cable ties, plastic cable holders and Velcro® o Automatic alarms for out-of-bounds conditions and technical problems o Easy-to-read LCD display with latest reading, alerts, signal strength, and battery level o On-board memory for up to 3,000 readings (1,500 + 1,500 for dual modules) o 3.6V Lithium battery (3,600 mAh) providing up to 4 years service (depending on conditions) o Weight...

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