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Catalogue excerpts

Innovative Solutions Ultra-low -150ºC freezers, LN2 freezers Long term sample storage Extreme temperatures require the most reliable equipment

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Discovery starts with a dream. A dream to know who we are. A dream to better our lives... Behind every great discovery, there’s the technology that made it all possible. Introduction Give your samples the best protection and first class preservation technology with Panasonic cryogenic freezers. Our reputation is built on superior performance and reliability with uniform temperatures, even in demanding environments with high ambient temperatures and frequent lid openings. Panasonic extreme-low freezers meet the toughest quality standards for performance, efficiency and construction. We are proud...

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Panasonic Biomedical | Cryopreservation Solutions Cryopreservation Solutions Best storage temperature uniformity. Step into the world of Cryopreservation Features ULTRA-LOW FREEZING DRY STORAGE Liquid nitrogen storage or dry storage? MDF-C2156VAN-PE MDF-1156-PE / MDF-1156ATN-PE Isothermal LN2 freezers Isothermal carousel Standard LN2 freezers 2101 Controlled rate freezer Liquid nitrogen storage Accessories Specifications RACK CONFIGURATIONS SELECT YOUR CRYOPRESERVATION SOLUTION STRAW STORAGE INVENTORY SYSTEM

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Step into the world of Cryopreservation Cryopreservation refers to the storage of a living organism, cell or tissue at ultra-low temperatures such that it can be restored to the same viable state Why freeze to -152ºC? Recrystallization mechanism as before it was frozen. Storage for an indefinite amount of time requires samples to be maintained below the glass transition temperature of aqueous solutions, approximately -130ºC, the temperature at which frozen water no longer sublimes and recrystallizes. Therefore -150°C mechanical freezers or liquid nitrogen storage tanks are required Cubic crystal for...

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Panasonic Biomedical | Cryopreservation Solutions Panasonic is your ideal partner for extreme low temperature storage. By working in Europe with Custom Biogenic Systems, one of the leading manufacturers of innovative liquid nitrogen vessels, we are able to offer complete solutions for cryopreservation storage. Liquid nitrogen storage or dry storage? 19th century Insulated vessels are first used for the storage and transport of liquid nitrogen. Cross contamination became a real risk with this kind of preservation. Not only through existing ice, but from sample to sample as well. Storage in vapour...

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Ultra-low -150ºC freezers Dry storage Models: MDF-C2156VAN-PE, MDF-1156-PE Panasonic Biomedical Sales Europe B.V. has established a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of high quality medical equipment over the past forty years. During this time we have become the leader in the European ultra-low temperature market. In this field Panasonic has set the standard in a number of ways including the introduction of VIP panels, Cool Safe® compressors and the world’s first -152ºC ULT freezer. Where Panasonic took the initiative, the others followed. Together with the high standard of service we deliver...

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Panasonic Biomedical | Cryopreservation Solutions Panasonic’s -150°C ultra-low temperature freezers are already in use to store: Umbilical cord blood as a source of Semen for artificial insemination – used for hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells. breeding guide dogs and race horses. Stem cells for autologous transplants in patients who have undergone high dose Ovarian tissue for preserved reproductive function in women undergoing treatments. Adipose tissue, epithelial cells and bone Plant seeds/shoots for breeding. marrow for stem cell therapy. Components for shrink fitting of parts in Blood...

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MDF-C2156VAN-PE Large capacity -150ºC freezer Third generation VIP insulation Graphic LCD display Cool Safe® compressors Non-HCFC refrigerants

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Panasonic Biomedical | Cryopreservation Solutions Ultra-low -150ºC freezer with third generation VIP insulation. The freezer is equipped with Panasonic developed third generation Vacuum Insulation Panels. This improved VIP insulation is extremely efficient and results in a large capacity -150ºC freezer for storage of up to 150 world standard 2" boxes with a minimal footprint. Control panel with graphic LCD display. All alarm functions, self-diagnostic notifications and a graphical display of temperature performance over time are available in the specially designed LCD control panel. The blue display...

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MDF-1156-PE Stable long-term preservation of cells and tissues Small footprint Low operating cost Cool Safe® compressors

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Panasonic Biomedical | Cryopreservation Solutions Microprocessor control with LED digital display allows accurate temperature setting and a stable -150ºC environment. Accurate temperature setting and a stable performance are provided by a microprocessor controller with an easy to use LED digital display and flat key data entry. The MDF-1156 maintains an ultralow temperature of -152ºC, far lower than the recrystallization point for pure water (-130ºC). This low temperature provides the ideal preservation environment for long-term storage. Alarm and safety devices ensure high levels of protection...

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Isothermal LN2 freezers No liquid nitrogen contact Liquid nitrogen is, like all liquids, a possible transporter of contaminants. Contamination between samples, leakage of liquid nitrogen into sample vials during storage and contact of liquid nitrogen with skin are just some of the risks that can be eliminated with an Isothermal liquid nitrogen dry storage freezer from Custom BioGenic Systems (CBS). CBS Isothermal freezers feature a patented liquid nitrogen jacket to provide uniform storage temperatures in the -190ºC range, free from liquid nitrogen contact. In the year 2000 Custom Biogenic Systems...

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Panasonic Biomedical | Cryopreservation Solutions Vacuum insulation Temperature controlled storage area Liquid nitrogen envelope Automatic operation Isothermal freezers feature the series 2301 auto-fill and monitor system, which controls the automatic filling of the liquid nitrogen jacket and provides the user with an easy to read overview of the freezer temperature and status. Sample security A comprehensive alarm system with remote alarm contact constantly monitors all aspects of the freezer’s operation. Samples are also protected by lid and control panel locks. The freezer can be monitored...

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