IncuSafe CO2 & Multigas Incubators Brochure - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

In April 2018, our Biomedical Business Brand will change to PHCbi CO2 & MULTIGAS INCUBATOR SERIES Optimising cell culture outcomes and reproducibility. IncuSafe Incubators offer the most precise and regulated environment. During cell culturing, the inCu-saFe germicidal interior and SafeCell UV lamp, work continuously to prevent contamination.

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THE INCUSAFEADVANTAGE Combining advanced technology, unique design features and high-quality engineering, IncuSafe Incubators offer the most precise and regulated environment for cell culture. Providing outstanding performance and flexibility, this innovative range of incubators enables you to optimise results and reproducibility. The IncuSafe Advantage is delivered through three important benefits: A PRECISE & REGULATED ENVIRONMENT IncuSafe Incubators offer accurate, uniform and highly responsive control of conditions within the chamber. Temperature is regulated through three independent heating...

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IncuSafe Multigas Incubators 165 litres Incubators 230 litres Incubators Optimising cell culture outcomes and reproducibility. So comfortable, your cells will feel in vivo. IncuSafe CO2 Incubators provide precise control of CO2 concentration and accurate, uniform, and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber. During cell culturing, the inCu-saFe germicidal interior and SafeCell UV lamp, work continuously to prevent contamination. Panasonic ­ ffers two alternative o sterilisation methods for the CO2 Incubators to meet every need. IncuSafe Class IIa Medical Device certified, ­ ultigas...

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PRECISE & REGULATED ENVIRONMENT: TEMPERATURE CONTROL Models: MCO-170AIC | MCO-170AICD | MCO-230AIC | MCO-170M Series DIRECT HEAT SYSTEM The Direct Heat System in the IncuSafe Incubators achieves an accurate, uniform, and highly responsive temperature control within the chamber. This system regulates temperature through three independent heating zones under microprocessor P.I.D* control. The system anticipates the amount of energy needed to recover chamber temperature for fast recovery times. *Proportional Integral Derivative Heat zones Side, top and rear walls form the dominant radiant heat source. The...

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PRECISE & REGULATED ENVIRONMENT: CO2 AND O2 CONTROL & RECOVERY UV Exposed Time (Min.) (E.Coli: ATCC 8739) The single beam, dual detector IR CO2 Sensor offers continuous calibration for excellent control, accuracy and stability. The sensor simultaneously measures sample and reference wavelengths for continuous auto-zero calibration. The ceramic-based sensor is unaffected by moderate changes in temperature and relative humidity and is linked to the P.I.D. controller for fast recovery times. Survival Number (CFU/ml) Survival Number (CFU/ml) Survival Number (CFU/ml) The unique, solid state Zirconia...

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INCU-SAFE inCu-saFe germicidal interior prevents contamination. The exclusive inCu-saFe copper-enriched stainless steel alloy interor offers the germicidal properties of copper and the durability of stainless steel. Selected to provide passive germicidal protection without rust or corrosion, inCu-saFe expresses a natural germicidal effect, inhibiting the growth of molds, fungi, mycoplasma and bacteria on its surface continuously. All interior components, including the air management plenum, humidity pan and fan assembly are easily removable without tools if required. When components are removed,...

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ACTIVE BACKGROUND DECONTAMINATION - SAFECELL UV LAMP Models: MCO-170AIC | MCO-170AICD | MCO-230AIC | MCO-170M Series SAFECELL UV LAMP The programmable ultraviolet lamp, isolated from cell cultures, eliminates contaminants in the air-flow and ­ water-pan without affecting cell cultures. SafeCell UV inhibits the growth of mycoplasma, bacteria, molds, spores, yeasts and fungi without costly HEPA filters that accumulate contaminants in the chamber air. Interior air motion is suspended when the door is opened, minimising movement of room air contaminants into the chamber. Airflow & waterpan decontamination...

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STERILISATION METHODS - H2O2 DECONTAMINATION TECHNOLOGY H2O2 DECONTAMINATION ­ ECHNOLOGY T The unique H2O2 decontamination system delivers fast and validatable decontamination. The high-speed decontamination system uses vaporised hydrogen peroxide and UV light. It cleans the chamber of the incubator safely in less than three hours, achieving a minimal 6 log reduction of major contaminants. STEP 1 HOW DOES IT WORK? 1. ydrogen peroxide (aqueous) is converted to vapour using H high frequency ultrasonics. During this process, the fan motor remains active, ensuring H2O2 vapour accesses every point...

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DUAL HEAT STERILISATION CYCLE Preparation time: 10 - 15 minutes 1. Press the Sterilisation button to see instructions on the display 2. Remove all interior components 3. Wipe down the inside of the incubator and the interior components with alcohol 4. Reposition interior components to specified locations for in situ sterilisation DUAL HEAT STERILISATION Dual heat sterilisation utilises the incubator's two heaters during the 180°C sterilisation process, which takes 11 hours. There is no effect on temperature inside stacked incubators due to low heat dissipation, so cell culturing can continue uninterrupted....

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OPTIMUM CELL GROWTH & MORE SPACE FOR MORE CULTURES Models: MCO-170AIC | MCO-170AICD | MCO-230AIC | MCO-170M Series INTEGRATED SHELF SUPPORTS INCREASED CAPACITY Save valuable time and reduce the risk of contamination with an easy to clean incubator interior featuring fully rounded corners and integrated shelf supports. With integrated shelf supports, the IncuSafe MCO-170AIC(D), MCO-170M and the MCO-230AIC incubators provide space for up to 20-25%* more culture vessels. Latest IncuSafe incubators Traditional incubator MCO-230AIC Series 24 petri plates (90 mm dishes) MCO-170AIC/M Series, 20 petri...

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LCD TOUCH PANEL Models: MCO-170AIC | MCO-170AICD | MCO-230AIC | MCO-170M Series ADVANCED TOUCH PANEL Touch panel legend A colour LCD touch panel delivers full control over the incubator. Control can be performed with gloved hands. USB Data storage and transfer The standard USB port allows for convenient transfer of log data from a USB memory stick to a computer. Data is logged for approximately 1.5 months, using a 2-minute interval. (Settable range: 2~30 min.) Electric door lock Automatic door lock with password protection is available as a standard feature for the MCO-170AICUVH/MCO-170MUVH/ MCO-230AICUVH,...

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