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OsteoFlexBONE CEMENT U.S. WHEN CEMENT IS THE DECISION MAKER • Multi level repair • Very low polymerisation temperature

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A PMMA bone cement, specially designed for percutaneous bone augmentation procedures. Its composition has been optimized to give the best properties to the surgeons to treat patients in a safety way. • Allowing multi level repair • 22 minute injectable state • Non exothermic temperature maximum of 47 degrees • Excellent radiopacity for maximum visibility Quick preparatjon. No waiting time. The paste constitution corresponds to the best viscosity preventing leakage. Still injectable up to 20 minutes at 20°C

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Long working time. The viscosity curve of OSTEOFLEX® follows a particular profile with a long working time up to 20 minutes. Viscosity profile of OSTEOFLEX® at 20°C Excellent radiopacity. High rate of zirconium dioxide opacifier for an ideal and maximum visibility during injection. Low exothermic reaction. This extraordinary low exothermic reaction of OSTEOFLEX® prevents the risk of thermic necrosis of bone tissue, in comparison with standard bone cements

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Osteoflex Bone Cement Kit    Product Code INTV-OSFL Includes cement mixer & bone cement Cement MixerProduct Code Cement shaker with syringe    INTV-MMS Osteoflex Bone Cement    Product Code Osteoflex bone cement Pan Medical Ltd Pan Medical US Corp Barnett Way Barnwood Gloucester, UK GL4 3RT Pinellas Business Park Building 11D - Suite 800 10901 Roosevelt Boulevard Saint Petersburg FL 33716

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