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Preferred Curette

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Preferred Curette Panpac Medical Corporation 6F-2, No. 202, Sec. 3, Ta-Tong Road, Shi-Chih District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. TEL : 886-2-86472242 FAX : 886-2-86472770 The ETO Sterilized Preferred Curette is used to obtain a sample from the uterine mucosal lining. The Preferred Curette is a 3mm (O.D.), or 3.6 mm (O.D.) suction curette and is sterile unless the package is opened or damaged. The Preferred Curette is designed for single patient use only. INDICATION: An endometrial suction curette, such as Preferred Curette (available in 3.6 and 3.0mm outer diameters), are devices used to remove samples of materials from the uterus and from the mucosal lining of the uterus by scraping or vacuum suction. These devices obtain tissue samples for purposes of biopsy precancer screening or they can be used for menstrual extraction. CAUTION: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Do not reuse for avoiding user may be infected by the microorganism. CONTRAINDICATIONS: The procedure is contraindicated in suspected pregnancy or in women with acute pelvic inflammatory disease. It is also contraindicated in women with chronic cervical infections or any conditions which contraindicate an outpatient surgical procedure. PROCEDURES: While sounding the uterus and using this device, care should be taken to avoid perforation of the uterine wall. Be sure not to depress the piston of the Preferred Curette while it is in the uterus. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: 1. Prepare the vagina and cervix as you would for any sterile intrauterine procedure. 2. Expose the cervix using a suitable speculum.

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3. Gently insert a uterine sound to determine the depth and direction of the uterine cavity. It may be necessary to grasp the cervix with a tenaculum. If the uterus is retroverted, then the grasp should be on the posterior lip of the cervix. Apply gentle traction to straighten any cervical curvature. 9. Cut off the tip of the Preferred Curette just above the sampling point of the device. The sampling point is the small hole at the distal end of the Preferred Curette. 10. Now push the piston back into the sleeve of the 4. After the depth of the cervix has been determined, insert the...

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