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Panthera X

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PA N T H E R A X Panthera X™ is by far the lightest and most high-tech wheelchair ever made. This chair is built from the most sophisticated materials using the most advanced technology available today. The result is a chair with extremely low weight, but still without compromising stability and comfort. As users ourselves, we can definitely say that Panthera X™ is a dream come true for active users.

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The Panthera X™ you see here weighs just 4.4 kilos.

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W eight 2.1 KILOS Lifting PANTHERA X™ into your car is unreal. With a transport weight of 2.1 kilos, it feels like lifting paper. 4.4 KILOS With a total weight of 4.4 kilos, PANTHERA X™ is amazingly light. There’s no other chair that even comes close.

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Panthera X™ is based on the new X technology.

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S TA B I L I T Y A rigid frame is the key to easy handling. All flex requires energy, energy that comes from the user. By using stiff materials and a box frame design, PANTHERA X™ reduces energy losses to nearly zero. PANTHERA X™ handles and rolls so effortlessly, you just have to drive it to believe it. COMFORT Good seat position, especially proper back support, are vital to the everyday user. On PANTHERA X™, you can adjust the backrest angle as well as fine-tune the backrest upholstery.

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The real challenge behind Panthera X™ has been determining the right combination of fiber qualities and fiber directions. Panthera X™ is just unbelievably strong.

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M AT E R I A L S As you can see PANTHERA X™ is made out of carbon fiber but beneath the surface lies its secret. Making something out of carbon fiber is difficult, but making it extremely light, yet at the same time strong, is the real challenge. It has taken us five years to develop PANTHERA X™. We’ve spent endless hours of testing, just to optimize the fiber directions and determine the right combination of fiber qualities. Frame Carbon fiber Backrest Carbon fiber Footrest Aluminum 7075 Pushrim Aluminum 7075

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Parts On PANTHERA X™ we’ve basically made every part by ourselves. Even the smallest parts, like bolts and nuts, have been redesigned to save even the smallest fraction of a gram. Time, money or effort has never been an issue. That’s PANTHERA X™ TECHNOLOGY Almost everything you see on Panthera X™ we’ve made ourselves.

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