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Hi, 36 years ago, I was injured in a racing accident. I realised quite quickly that if I wanted a good wheelchair I was going to have to build it myself. What was I looking for? Well, a chair built for me to drive myself. Lightweight, comfortable sitting position and great to drive. I learnt some obvious rules from racing, such as the significance of low weight, a rigid chassis, correct balancing in the chassis. My goal was to build the lightest chair ever. There have been many wheelchairs and a lot of wheelchair users since then. In recent years it has also been a great pleasure to build...

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A Panthera makes most things in your daily life easier. It has excellent driving qualities, it is light to lift and it is comfortable to sit in. This is because we’ve focused on the three most important features of a wheelchair: driving, sitting and lifting. These three things are done every day, all year round, and that is why they have to function in the best way possible. With a chassis of chrome molybdenum or carbon fibre and footbar and pushrims of titanium, the chair is extremely lightweight and incredibly easy to manoeuvre. A precisely calculated camber angle of 2.2 degrees gives you...

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The Panthera X is the lightest wheelchair in the world. Both the chassis and the back are made of carbon fibre. The Panthera X is a wheelchair designed for experienced, active users who are able to handle a lightly balanced wheelchair without anti-tip device as this is not an option. As you can see Panthera X is made out of carbon fiber but beneath the surface lies its secret. Making something out of carbon fiber is difficult, but making it extremely light, yet at the same time strong, is the real challenge. It has taken us five years to develop Panthera X. We’ve spent endless hours of...

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Tack Upplands Motor för lån av bil.

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U2 LIGHT U2 light weight U2 light L weight The Panthera U2 light is designed for experienced, active users able to handle a lightly balanced wheelchair without anti-tip device as this is not an option. The Seat width Total weight Transport weight Seat width Total weight Panthera U2 light has the same seat angles and dimensions as the Panthera U2 and the chassis has small outer dimensions, making it small, light and compact. 33 cm 6 844 g 3 856 g 33 cm 6 906 g Thanks to the construction and light weight, the U2 light is an ideal choice 36 cm 6 924 g 3 936 g 36 cm 6 986 g 39 cm 7 004 g 4 016...

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U2 The Panthera U2 is a modern, active wheelchair. With its slimline front and ergonomic shape it is wonderfully smooth to get around in. The narrow, taperd front helps to keep your legs and feet in place. The taperd front allows you to get closer when transferring, making transfers easier. The U2 can be fitted with all the accessories Panthera offers. U2 weight Seat width 33 cm 36 cm 39 cm 42 cm 45 cm Standard design Seat width: 33, 36, 39, 42 and 45 cm Backrest height: 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 cm Seat height rear: 43 cm Seat height front: 47 cm Seat angle: 7 degrees Seat depth: 35    6...

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S2 AND S2 SHORT* In the years since we built the first Panthera, great progress has been made in the areas of sitting and driving ergonomics. We have made use of this new expertise and our 30 years’ experience building superlight wheelchairs to construct a new standard chair, the Panthera S2. The Panthera S2 is a great success. With a right knee angle, the footbar positioned further back and the non graduated adjustable backrest, most users have an upright, ergonomic sitting position. The S2 has a full frame width at the front and the front wheels are placed further out than on earlier...

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S2 SWING The Panthera S2 Swing is intended for those who need an easy to drive wheelchair with good sitting, driving and lifting properties combined with swing away leg supports. This wheelchair has all the positive properties of an active wheelchair with a stable construction in lightweight class, along with discreetly and compactly designed movable leg supports. The Panthera S2 swing has a seat angle of 4 degrees, which makes it easier to find a good sitting position for those who kick drive or need a flatter sitting position for other reasons. The locking mechanism for the movable leg...

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BAMBINO At Panthera we produce active wheelchairs recognised as being by far the easiest and smoothest chairs to drive on the market. The Panthera Bambino is no exception. An easy-todrive everyday chair for children with the same excellent qualities as the larger members of the Panthera family. With our wide range of accessories and the many adjustment options, a very large group of children with different needs can use the Bambino. It is easy to drive, it is easy to adapt, and it is easy to lift. The Panthera Bambino is quite simply a real active chair for children. Now also available with...

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MICRO The Panthera Micro is a wheelchair for very young children. We all know that being able to get around on your own is very important, not least for children. This is why the Panthera Micro is built to be extremely easy to drive in every possible respect. The frame is constructed from chrome molybdenum and titanium, and the castor wheels from a marathon racing chair are used here as rear wheels. The chair has a single castor wheel, like many tennis chairs, for easier rotation. The Panthera Micro is designed for children between one and five years old (the youngest user we’ve met was 8...

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ACCESSORIES There are plenty of alternatives and accessories for Panthera chairs. A small selection is presented here. The rest you can find at: Brakes Plastic Bambino footplate Forward positioned brake With screen Plastic plate Armrest Single-hand brake Foldable Spinergy Spox Sport 24” 26”

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Push handles Height adjustable Fixed Foldable Anti-tip device Cushions are available in a wide range of widths and standard thicknesses. Pushbar Headrest Bambino Tetra Quick Release Spox Seat bag Länkhjul Spoke guards Pushrims Titanium /Aluminum / Paragrip/Tetragrip/Maxgrip .

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