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Mropen - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Open up to weight bearing imaging MrOpen is the world’s only superconductive open MRI that enables scanning patients using a weight bearing approach. Now you can see the extent of the pathology, by looking at it on MR scans performed in weight bearing positions. A perfect merge of advanced technology and design innovation, MrOpen combines excellent clinical performance with outstanding patient comfort, unmatched in the industry, and improves patient care at all stages.

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True “Open” The innovative “U-shaped” design makes MrOpen a truly “open sky” MRI system, providing unparalleled patient comfort. Claustrophobia is virtually eliminated by removing all barriers between the patient and the surrounding environment, unlike in conventional “open C-shaped” magnets. Patients can enjoy watching TV while being scanned in a relaxing environment.

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Performance MrOpen’s transverse magnetic field amplifies the advantage of phased array coils, bringing image quality to higher levels. Dedicated multi-array coils with MAX technology - combining flat with solenoid type coils - provide superior performance in each and every anatomical area. didascalia finta

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L-Spine, SE T1 - FAST RISE T2, sitting position L-Spine, FAST RISE T2, supine position C-Spine, FAST RISE T2, dynamic study, reclined position L-Spine, FAST RISE T2, supine position L-Spine, SE T1, FAST RISE T2, supine position Brain, SE T1, supine position Brain, FLAIR, FAST RISE T2, FAST RISE PD, supine position Ankle, GFE, dynamic study, weight-bearing Bilateral Hip, SE T1, supine position Wrist, SE T1 Knee, SE T1, supine position Wrist, GFE Knee, comparative study, SE T1, weight-bearing Shoulder, GFE STIR, supine position didascalia finta didascalia finta didascalia finta didascalia finta

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Multi-position imaging Scan patients in several different positions: standing, sitting, bending or lying down. As a result of its innovative design and extra-wide space, MrOpen reveals new possibilities: Evaluate the pathology by performing MR imaging in the most appropriate position. from functional studies to interventional MRI, and more.

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Superconductive cryogen free Leading-edge material science applied to superconductive magnet technology: this is MgB2 (Magnesium Diboride), the only superconductor in the world with no need for helium. A patented breakthrough technology, MgB2 provides superconductive power with the simplicity of a permanent magnet: • low cost cryogen free operation • low power consumption • trouble free maintenance MrOpen - power with simplicity

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Petergraf Stampa Microart Srl-Recco (Ge) 03-0041-00 Rev.3 Paramed srl 16152 Genova - Italy Corso F.M. Perrone, 73r Tel +39 010 7404530 • Fax +39 010 7404530 www.paramedmedicalsystems.com info@paramedmedicalsystems.com Paramed Medical Systems Inc. 6204 W. Oakton Street, Morton Grove, IL 60053 - USA Toll Free: +1 866 840-7565 • Fax +1 847 470-0580 www.paramedmedicalsystems.com info@paramed-usa.com

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