Innovative solutions for Pathology, Blood and Transplant Sciences - 36 Pages

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Innovative solutions for Pathology, Blood and Transplant Sciences
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Catalogue excerpts

Life Science Model Ranges: BLOOD BANK REFRIGERATORS PHARMACEUTICAL REFRIGERATORS PLASMA & BIOMEDICAL FREEZERS CRYOGENIC FREEZERS COOLED INCUBATORS CELL CULTURE INCUBATORS PATHOLOGY, BLOOD Panasonic Biomedical products provide the ideal environments for the storage of blood and blood products, cells and tissues for generation therapies and treatments.

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Panasonic Biomedical Solutions offer: Precise uniformity Temperature stability Micro-processor based controller Quiet, reliable compressors Sample safety Energy savings Alarms & Monitoring CFC-Free Ergonomic design Service and support

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Transplant Sciences Blood Bank Refrigerators biomedical samples Find the right laboratory equipment for your needs U Blood Bank Refrigerators 6 Biomedical & Plasma Freezers (-30°C /-40°C) 11

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Find the right laboratory Blood Bank Refrigerators 4ºc Refrigerators Plasma & Biomedical freezers TwinGuard freezers -86ºc ultra-low freezers -30ºc / -40ºc freezers Robust design for safest storage of whole blood The ideal freezing environment for the preservation of fresh frozen plasma The safest ultra-low temperature freezers for the storage of high value samples • Liquid-loaded monitor bottles • Dual Cooling refrigeration system designed to mimic the shape and thermal properties of blood bags. • Stable temperature control. • Designed to minimise cold-air loss, even with frequent door openings....

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equipment for your needs cryogenic freezers cooled incubators Wide temperature range incubators from 49 litres to 851 litres The most uniform storage temperatures for cryopreservation solutions All-round performance Optimising cell culture outcomes and reproducibility • Prevention of media drying because • integrated shelf-supports. • Safe and convenient usability. • Specially designed cascade refrigeration system. of unique fan positioning. • Programmable operation. • Wide temperature range from • Convenient control with LCD panel. • Saves costs on LN2. • full-colour lcd touch screen. • Precise...

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BLOOD BANK REFRIGERATORS Panasonic Blood Bank Refrigerators provide the ideal +4ºC environment for safe and reliable storage of whole blood. These are designed to create stable, reliable temperature control pre-set to 4ºC with precise top-to-bottom temperature uniformity. The refrigerators feature a highly efficient refrigeration system that provides superior temperature recovery, rapid cooling, and quiet performance. STABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL Temperature is controlled by two sensors located in the liquid-loaded monitor bottles, which are in the shape of a blood bag. • Two thermistor sensors for...

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TEMPERATURE VARIATIONS PREVENTED ALARM AND SAFETY FUNCTIONS Panasonic MBR series are designed to minimize cold air loss even with frequent door openings. • Seperated transparant inner doors minimize the chamber air leakage during door openings. • Foamed-in-place insulation in the walls and magnetic sealed outer doors with double-pane glass window prevent chamber air leakage. • Large air circulation fan enables rapid temperature recovery after door openings. To ensure the safety of critical blood supplies Pansasonic MBR series provide the following safety functions. • Audible and flashing LED visual...

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PHARMACEUTICAL REFRIGERATORS In the Biomedical field they provide effective storage of critical and high value supplies, samples, reagents and test kits. STANDARD ALARM & SAFETY FEATURES The shelves can be arranged to accommodate all types of samples. The “R” models are fitted with pullout drawers. With a profile of 100mm and 530mm front to back, these drawers are deep enough to hold large bottles or reagent kits. Pharmaceutical refrigerators are fitted with buzzers and flashing lights to warn of high and low temperature problems. In the event of an irregular rise in cabinet temperature, the heater...

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Dedicated storage for biomedical samples HFC REFRIGERANT & CFC FREE INSULATION Panasonic biomedical equipment is designed for low environmental impact. The MPR-721 and 1411 series use HFC refrigerant, and the foamed-in-place insulation is also CFC free. LARGE FANS The 120mm diameter fan ensures an even temperature throughout the cabinet (MPR-1411/R models have a double flow system with two fans). Heat spots from powered test apparatus are minimized and pulldown characteristics after door openings are outstanding. adjustable shelves (mPR-721/1411) the height adjustable shelves can be arranged to...

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MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLED An electronic sensor accurately monitors chamber temperature and feeds the information to the microprocessor for precise control at preset temperature. Fans ensure gentle air circulation to provide uniform top to bottom temperature control after frequent door openings. Panasonic’s easily calibrated, reliable and stable controls make validation easier. ERGONOMIC DESIGN The ergonomic design of the MPR series refrigerators provides a clear view of stored items through the large framed windows. The slim profile allows for easyreach retrieval of your products. Users can choose...

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BIOMEDICAL ECO -40ºC PLASMA FREEZER Panasonic MDF-U5412H-PE provides an ideal freezing environment for the preservation of blood plasma, vaccines, test samples, and other biological specimens. The Biomedical Eco Series freezers with natural refrigerants minimise energy consumption, reduce environmental impact and save money while providing superior stability and uniformity. A comprehensive alarm system and Class IIa Medical Device Certification ensure this freezer provides unsurpassed reliability and sample security. The MDF-U5412H-PE is certified as a Class IIa Medical Device (93/42/EEC and 2007/47/EC)...

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STABLE TEMPERATURE CONTROL The MDF-U731 M provides precise and uniform storage temperatures regardless of ambient conditions through microprocessor temperature control. ENERGY-SAVING OPERATION The specially designed compressor results in an energy- saving medical freezer with superior cooling and guiet MANUAL DEFROST Manual defrost freezers provide stable temperature control and do not exhibit the transient temperature ncreases that can be associated with auto-defrost type freezers. The MDF-U731 M is therefore ideal for storing your important, temperature-sensitive samples. STURDY CABINET CONSTRUCTION...

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