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Catalogue excerpts

BioRobot® Universal System — Pure Flexibility Sample & Assay Technologies

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Complete front-end automation solution Your complete front-end automation solution The BioRobot Universal System integrates all the instrumentation, software, purification technologies, and enzyme technologies that are required for medium- to high-throughput applications in 96-well format. Standardized, highly reproducible nucleic acid purification and reaction setup at the front-end of your molecular biology applications ensure consistent, reliable results that can be compared across experiments and projects. Optimized protocols enable automation of: I RNA purification from cells, tissues, and...

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Expertise in automation and sample technologies QIAGEN’s R&D teams are experts in automated systems and the use of well-established QIAGEN sample and assay technologies, as well as the development of new chemistries and applications. Automated systems are developed and optimized using QIAGEN consumables. Each optimized, ready-to-run protocol is established after intensive testing. This eliminates the need to combine products from different sources and to set up and optimize protocols, saving significant time and effort. Table 1. Hardware technologies of the BioRobot Universal System Feature High-precision...

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Comprehensive application portfolio Comprehensive application portfolio enhances flexibility A wide range of Application Packs is available for the BioRobot Universal System, reflecting the variety of procedures that can be automated using this flexible system. Each Application Pack includes protocols that have been tested and optimized for a specific application. Combined with trusted QIAGEN® Kits, the Application Packs enable rapid setup of your chosen application. Application Pack, Investigator This pack enables purification of high-quality DNA from up to 192 buccal swab samples or up to 96...

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Application Pack, Genotyping Walkaway purification of DNA from up to 192 buccal swabs or up to 96 human whole blood samples, followed by reliable PCR setup in 96-well format, delivers the reliability you need in high-throughput genotyping applications. Automated PCR setup helps to eliminate crosscontamination and variation caused by handling-errors. Application Pack, Sequencing The Application Pack, Sequencing and QIAGEN sample technologies provide everything you need for consistent sequencing reaction setup. Automated plasmid DNA purification from up to 4 x 96 bacterial cultures, PCR cleanup...

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Easy-to-use software Easy-to-use software QIAsoft 5, the controlling software for the BioRobot Universal System, makes operation of the system easy. The software guides the user through worktable setup with clear on-screen messages. A detailed load check helps to ensure that samples, Reliable sample processing QIAsoft 5 software further increases the reliability of sample processing by enabling detection of clots (e.g., when processing blood samples) and clogged membranes. QIAsoft 5 software marks the position and does not continue processing the sample. Adjacent samples are safely processed without...

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Ordering Information Product Contents Gene Expression Application Agreement Application Agreement Laboratory Cabinet Accessory Cabinet Robotic workstation, computer-controlled vacuum pump, 9001094 computer, QIAsoft 5 Operating System, installation, 1-year warranty on parts and labor Application-specific accessories for veterinary applications 9241 730 plus 2 customized protocols Protocols and application-specific accessories 9017720 for purification of nucleic acids from forensic samples and downstream assay setup Protocols and application-specific accessories for 9016754 Protocols and application-specific...

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Australia ■ Orders 03-9840-9800 ■ Fax 03-9840-9888 ■ Technical 1-800-243-066 Austria ■ Orders 0800/28-10-10 ■ Fax 0800/28-10-1 9 ■ Technical 0800/28-10-11 Belgium ■ Orders 0800-7961 2 ■ Fax 0800-79611 ■ Technical 0800-79556 Brazil ■ Orders 0800-557779 ■ Fax 55-11-5079-4001 ■ Technical 0800-557779 Canada ■ Orders 800-572-961 3 ■ Fax 800-71 3-5951 ■ Technical 800-DNA-PREP (800-362-7737] China Orders 0086-21-3865-3865 ■ Fax 0086-21-3865-3965 ■ Technical 800-988-0325 Denmark ■ Orders 80-885945 ■ Fax 80-885944 ■ Technical 80-885942 Finland ■ Orders 0800-91441 6 ■ Fax 0800-914415 ■ Technical 0800-91441...

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