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Catalogue excerpts

KONZERNL AGEBERICHT LOREM IPSUM Company Overview MAGAZIN: THEMA LOREM IPSUM Making improvements in life possible Sample & Assay Technologies Sample & Assay Technologies

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QIAGEN at a glance CuSTOMEr WOrkfLOW BiOLOgiCAL SAMPLE SAMPLE TEChnOLOgiES Extraction, isolation and purification of the molecules of life – DNA, RNA and proteins – in reliable, standardized processes. Wide range of tailor-made applications to make molecular information from biological samples visible and available for interpretation. Consumable products ( 85 % of sales ) are specialized kits that contain all necessary materials to support the use of sample and / or assay technologies. Instruments (15 % of sales ) are used with consumables, even enabling customers to fully automate processes from...

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As the innovative market and technology leader, QIAGEN creates Sample & Assay Technologies to unlock valuable molecular information from any biological sample. Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve outstanding success and breakthroughs in Molecular Diagnostics, Applied Testing, Pharma and Life Sciences. In doing so we make improvements in life possible. Our commitment to the markets, customers and patients we serve drives our innovation and leadership in all areas where our Sample & Assay Technologies are required. The exceptional talent, skill and passion of our employees are key...

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Complex Sample Sample Technologies Pure Analyte Assay Technologies Leading a revolution QIAGEN is the world’s leading provider of innovative Sample & Assay Technologies. Our products and systems are playing a pivotal role in the molecular biology revolution by empowering customers to transform raw biological samples into valuable molecular information. Advancing the knowledge of life QIAGEN technologies allow healthcare providers QIAGEN began operations in 1986 by introduc- to detect disease and make treatment decisions, scientists to explore the secrets of life, and other professionals to apply...

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QIAGEN’s European headquarters in Hilden, Germany. Our products are used in virtually all areas of science focused on advancing knowledge about the molecular basis of life. QIAGEN has become a trusted partner by enabling researchers to obtain exciting insights with products that are considered standards for quality and reliability. More than one billion biological samples are estimated to already have been prepared or analyzed using QIAGEN technologies in laboratories around the world. Growing through innovation QIAGEN has leveraged this leadership position in Sample & Assay Technologies to build...

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QIAGEN Instruments – Automating Workflows QIAGEN offers proprietary systems for the automation of entire workflows in all application areas and customer segments. Through greater standardization, higher accuracy and reproducibility of results – with increased efficiency – QIAGEN platforms are helping drive the dissemination of molecular testing technologies in healthcare around the world. Our extensive instrument portfolio includes the revolutionary QIAsymphony, the highly-portable ESEQuant Tube Scanner and, in the near future, the ultra-high throughput QIAensemble. 5 to 15 minutes to results...

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ESEQuant Tube Scanner Asymptomatic patients Goal: Early detection Symptomatic patients Goal: confirm Pre-diagnosed patients Goal: Guide therapy No lab reachable Goal: fast result, on spot Market needs Screening market Mid - high throughput (QIA symphony) High - ultra-high throughput (QIAensemble) Market needs Single patient testing Mid - high throughput Highest flexibility Market needs Single patient testing Low - mid throughput Highest flexibility Market needs Rapid turnaround Low throughput Versatile tests Assay technologies Examples: CMV, EBV, HBV, HIV, HCV, Influenza Assay technologies Examples:...

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Molecular Diagnostics The advent of molecular biology has revolutionized the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Modern analyses based on the detection of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) offer considerable advantages over traditional methods of pathogen detection in humans. Molecular testing identifies and measures viruses, bacteria and parasites more rapidly and with far greater sensitivity and specificity. By unlocking valuable information from patients’ DNA, RNA and proteins, QIAGEN ’s products are helping healthcare professionals save lives and fight diseases. This new generation of Molecular...

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qiagen Revenue development [ $ Millon . ]   Other Customer Classes PERSONALIZED HEALTHCARE Screening of non-symptomatic patients to detect risks for specific diseases digeneHPV test is the “gold standard” in screen­ ing women for HPV virus (primary cause of cervical cancer) Testing of pre-diagnosed patients to guide treatment decisions and use of medicines More than 20 assays available and 15 R    &D co-development projects for companion diagnostics under way with pharmaceutical companies Testing of symptomatic patients to determine the type and severity of an infection More than 120 assays offered...

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Women waiting for HPV tests at a rural clinic as part of the QIAGENcares Kolkata Screening Project Prevention Improving healthcare through early detection Early detection of diseases saves lives. By catching a disease in its early stages, physicians can administer treatment earlier, leading to improved outcomes. Earlier detection and treatment are not only beneficial to the patient but also save money for healthcare systems. 50,000 women to be screened by QIAGEN cares in Kolkata Application/Por tfolio highlights • One significant application of preventive Molecular Diagnostics is in the fight...

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Profiling Fighting disease with accurate diagnosis Application/Por tfolio highlights In Profiling, molecular tests are used to confirm or quantify a diagnosis in symptomatic individuals who are at risk of carrying a disease. Profiling is a key aspect of disease treatment and control efforts and is vital to epidemic prevention, monitoring and eradication. With more than 120 tests, QIAGEN offers one of the broadest portfolios encompassing assays for individual targets such as influenza, HIV or HCV viruses, as well as multiplexing assays that test for several different pathogens in a single run....

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