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The PAXgene 96 Blood RNA procedure Blood Centrifuge to obtain pellet Transfer resuspended pellet to plate Proteinase K digestion, 65°C Round-well block Transfer to PAXgene 96 Filter Plate Fast, easy procedure The high-throughput procedure is easy and efficient. Processing 96 samples in parallel saves time in your clinical research studies; 96 samples can be processed in 3.5 hours. Lysates are applied to the PAXgene 96 Filter Plate and centrifuged to remove cell debris. The lysate is then transfered to a PAXgene 96 RNA Plate (see flowchart). Residual DNA is removed through a DNase I digestion. Remaining contaminants are removed in three efficient wash steps before pure RNA is eluted. Reliable and reproducible purification The robust PAXgene 96 Blood RNA procedure is designed to minimize the risk of sample-to-sample cross-contamination (Figure 1). The procedure typically yields between 4 and 20 µg RNA from 2.5 ml human whole blood (Figure 2) and is highly reproducible (Figure 3). Lysate clearing DNase digestion Wash 3x * To be used in conjunction with PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes (cat. no. 762115 [US and Canada], 762105 [Japan], 762125 [all other countries]). Pioneering integrated systems to standardize the collection, stabilization, and purification of RNA and DNA A complete system for blood collection and RNA purification The PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit* allows high-throughput isolation of total RNA from 96 x 2.5 ml human whole blood. Together with PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes, it provides a complete preanalytical solution for collection, stabilization, and purification of high-quality RNA.

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Cross-contamination-free purification Figure 1 A checkerboard pattern of positive (blood) and negative (buffer) samples was used. RNA was amplified using TaqMan" RT-PCR. No cross-contamination of negative samples was observed after 40 cycles of PCR. Highly reproducible purification Figure 2 RNA was analyzed using a formaldehyde agarose gel. Migration time Figure 3 RNA was analyzed using the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer and the RNA 6000 Nano LabChip" Kit. Ten overlaid plots are shown. A wide range of applications RNA purified using the PAXgene 96 Blood RNA Kit is ready for immediate use in a wide range...

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