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Blood • Tissue • Bone Marrow THE BETTER THE SOURCE JHE MORE TO EXPLORE. Discover more about the PAXgene Tissue Systems at: www.preanalytix. PAXgene® Tissue Systems Sample Collection __ Moving towards excellence and standardization in tissue collection and fixation Explore more at AQIAGEN/BDcompany

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Benefits of the PAXgene Tissue System To take full advantage of current and future diagnostic research tools, it is often necessary to divide human tissue or cancer samples. However, with biopsy material, this may not always be possible. The introduction of additional workflow steps, such as flash freezing, is time consuming and costly, and correlating immunohistochemistry (IHC) with molecular results is often difficult or not possible when different samples are used for analysis. PAXgene Tissue System consists of prefilled containers for fixation and stabilization of human tissue or cancer samples PAXgene...

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PAXgene Tissue Container PAXgene Tissue FIX Container (50 ml) PAXgene Tissue STABILIZER Concentrate (150 ml) “Flexible solution“: single-chamber container for fixation and stabilization of human tissue or cancer samples “Standardized integrated solution“: dual-chamber container for fixation and stabilization of human tissue or cancer samples • Single chamber container can hold • Up to four histocassettes (for tissue samples sized up to 4 x 15 x 15 mm) • Larger tissues samples sized (up to 20 x 20 x 20 mm) • Highly suited for workflows that require greater flexibility • PAXgene Tissue STABILIZER is...

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PAXgene Tissue Application Areas PAXgene Tissue System is ideal for all research areas where human tissue or cancer samples are involved. It delivers superior-quality samples by providing a complete preanalytic solution for collection, fixation, and stabilization of tissue specimens, enabling simultaneous histological and molecular analyses. Ordering Information Product PAXgene Tissue of tissue specimen: 10 prefilled Reagent Containers containing Translational Research containing PAXgene Tissue FIX A flexible research system that supports a broad range of scientific analyses is an absolute and PAXgene...

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