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For collection of stable blood samples and purification of high-quality RNA for your downstream applications The second-generation QIAsymphony PAXgene Blood RNA Kit* provides flexible, fully automated, low- to medium-throughput purification of total cellular RNA, including miRNA, from human whole blood samples on the QIAsymphony SP instrument (Figure 1). The system provides a complete preanalytical solution for collection and stabilization through to purification of high-quality RNA to support projects with variable throughput of samples, such as large research studies. Unique benefits of the QIAsymphony PAXgene Blood RNA system: n Analysis of RNA as if it were still in the patient’s body using gold-standard PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes Figure 1. The QIAsymphony SP instrument. purification of high-quality RNA, including miRNA RNA yield — 8–16 µg and consistently high RIN values of 7–9 automated processing of 1–72 samples in batches of up to 24 samples each * he QIAsymphony PAXgene Blood RNA Kit is intended for Research Use Only. Not T for use in diagnostic procedures. No claim or representation is intended to provide information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease. The performance characteristics of this product have not been fully established. capacity of 3 x 24 samples per run, 144 sampl

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Table 1. Noticeable advantages at every step Handling features Table 2. High RNA yields with the QIAsymphony PAXgene Blood RNA system Samples handled in original collection tubes Clearly visible pellet minimizes risk of sample loss Single centrifugation step Total failures Prefilled, ready-to-use reagent cartridges Samples tested Instrument features Processes original collection tubes Automated bar code reading Flexibility to process 1–72 samples per run Onboard measures to prevent cross-contamination (drop catchers, UV lamp, segregation of used consumables) Eluate cooling enabling overnight runs...

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Figure 3. High-quality RNA from different donors. Blood was collected into PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes. RNA was purified using the QIAsymphony PAXgene Blood RNA Kit on the QIAsymphony SP instrument. RNA was analyzed with an Agilent® 2100 Bioanalyzer. The arrows ndicate small RNA species (including miRNA). RIN: RNA integrity number. Downstream applications The purified RNA is ready to use in a wide range of downstream applications, including: ■ Quantitative, real-time RT-PCR ■ Expression array and chip analysis ■ Next generation sequencing ■ RNase and S1 nuclease protection ■ Northern, dot, and slot...

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Ordering Information Product QIAsymphony PAXgene Blood RNA Kit (96) For 96 preps on the QIAsymphony SP: 2 Reagent Cartridges,* Enzyme Racks, Accessories, and RNase-Free Buffers. To be used with PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes (100) 100 Blood Collection Tubes; available from BD and BD authorized distributors QIAsymphony sample prep module, 1-year warranty on parts and labor Sample Prep Cartridges, 8-well (336) 8-well sample prep cartridges for use with the QIAsymphony SP 8-Rod Covers for use with the QIAsymphony SP Disposable Filter-Tips, racked; (8 x 128). For use with the QIAsymphony...

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