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Catalogue excerpts

Application Guide Automated, High-Performance, Versatile Electrophoresis

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Chapter Contents 1. gDNA analysis /RNA analysis/NGS library QC 4 Quality control of genomic DNA using the QIAxcel system 6 Quality control of total RNA and cRNA for microarray analysis 1 0 Identifying rare mutations in Diamond-Blackfan anemia using target enrichment and next-generation sequencing 14 2. DNA analysis - Basic Research 1 8 A. thaliana genotyping with a CAPS marker for a pks3 mutant allele 20 Detection of alternative Tra2f5 regulated splicing 24 QIAxcel system — linkage analysis of zebrafish mutants 28 QIAxcel system — mapping mutant gene loci in Arabidopsis thaliana 30 Rapid and effective...

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Introduction The QIAxcel Advanced is a high-resolution capillary F • lexible throughput with analysis of 12 samples is electrophoresis system designed to provide a versatile solution to the limitations and bottlenecks of slab-gel C • ost-effective and environment-friendly reusable electrophoresis. The system allows fast and accurate analysis of up to 96 samples and hands-free sample loading and in-built components minimize exposure to hazardous chemicals and error-prone manual steps. Ready-to-use gel cartridges in combination of preprogrammed methods, allow separation and analysis of both DNA...

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gDNA analysis RNA analysis NGS library QC QIAxcel Advanced Application Guide 10/2016

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One major factor determining the success of an assay and its reproducibility is the quality of the sample itself. The QIAxcel Advanced addresses this challenge by performing fast and reliable quality control of your nucleic acid samples with only little input material. It measure the concentration of your samples, analyzes their size distribution as well as their integrity so you can assess their potential to achieve quality results. This enables you to standardize the quality of your samples early on and thus make well-informed decision prior to processing them through your workflow. gDNA extraction...

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Quality control of genomic DNA using the QIAxcel® system André Schaller, Christopher Jackson, Division of Human Genetics, Inselspital Bern, Berne, Switzerland Thomas Kretschmann, QIAGEN GmbH, Hilden, Germany This application note describes a rapid, reliable, and effective method for quality control of purified genomic DNA using the QIAxcel system. The results are highly reproducible and clearly show whether degradation products are present in a sample. Introduction The results of numerous molecular screening and assay methods rely on the quality of the genomic DNA (gDNA) that is used. Effective...

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for capillary electrophoresis with a DNA Screening Cartridge. The AM900 method and QX Alignment Marker 15 bp were used. AM900 is a customized method with the following parameters: alignment marker injection at 4 kV for 20 sec, sample injection at 2 kV for 40 sec, and separation at 3.5 kV for 900 sec. For degradation analyses, the samples were sonicated with 7, 14, 70 and 105 pulses. Ultra-sound degradation was performed in 500 μl (100 ng/μl) of DNA, sonicated on a Branson Sonifier® 250. Results Samples from the dilution series were electrophoresed on a 1% agarose gel (Figure 1A), as well as on...

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Figure 2. Assessment of DNA degraded by sonication. A Agarose gel photo showing gDNA in various states of degradation. Lane 1 nondegraded gDNA samples. Lanes 2 and 3: gDNA samples partially degraded by sonication with 7 and 14 pulses, respectively. Lanes 4 and 5: gDNA samples fully degraded with 70 and 105 pulses, respectively. B QIAxcel gel photo showing gDNA samples in three states of degradation. 1, 3, and 5 correspond to lanes 1, 3, and 5 in A. C Electropherograms and a gel photo of gDNA samples from lanes 1, 3, and 5 in A. Lane 1: Electropherogram indicates very good quality gDNA (no degradation...

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References 1. Shendure, J. and Hanlee, J. (2008) Next Generation Sequencing. Nature Biotechnology 26(10) 1135. Ordering Information Product QIAxcel Advanced System Capillary electrophoresis device: includes computer, QIAxcel ScreenGel software, and 1-year warranty on parts and labor QIAxcel DNA Screening Cartridge, Buffers, Mineral Oil, QX Intensity Calibration Marker, 12-Tube Strips For up-to-date licensing information and product-specific disclaimers, see the respective QIAGEN kit handbook or user manual. QIAGEN kit handbooks and user manuals are available at www.qiagen.com or can be requested...

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Quality control of total RNA and cRNA for microarray analysis Dik van Leenen, Microarray Facility, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands In this application note, the suitability of the QIAxcel® system was assessed for quality control of RNA for microarray analysis. The values obtained for the tested quality control parameters indicate that the QIAxcel system is highly suited for analyzing the quality of total RNA and fragmented or intact cRNA. Introduction Microarray Target Preparation Procedure Total RNA Microarray technology is a powerful tool used to determine the expression levels...

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Total RNA isolation from Schizosaccharomyces pombe (fission yeast) was performed according to standard methods. The protocols described below apply to RNA isolated by different methods and from different organisms. RNA samples were prepared for capillary electrophoresis according to the protocol in the QIAxcel RNA Handbook: A 1 |jl aliquot of the RNA eluate was mixed with 1 ul RNA denaturing buffer, heated at 70°C for 2 minutes, and cooled in ice-cold water. Sample volume was adjusted to 1 0 ul with QX RNA Dilution Buffer, and samples were subsequently analyzed on the QIAxcel system using the...

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Results The QIAxcel system is a capillary electrophoresis system that 28S/18Speak ratios of 1.48–1.67 indicate the high quality processes samples in batches of 12, for analysis of up to 96 samples without manual intervention. Data can be viewed in both gel image and electropherogram format. Intact RNA is a prerequisite for successful microarray analyses. QIAxcel ScreenGel™ software provides reliable analysis of the size, quantity, and quality of total RNA prior to microarray analysis (Figure 2). The two distinct rRNA peaks and Analysis of unlabeled cRNA shows expected profiles with a smear of...

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